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Dog escapes from Oak Harbor Pet Haven
Written by Kelly J. Kaczala and Melissa A. Burden   
Thursday, 28 June 2012 14:46

By Paula Staudinger, of Curtice, is seeking the public’s help in finding her dog, Tia, an eight-year-old female Labrador/German Shepherd mix that went missing on June 20 from Oak Harbor Pet Haven, a boarding kennel in Oak Harbor on State Route 19.

Staudinger said she dropped off Tia and another dog, Daisy, an 11-year old retriever/Shetland mix, at Pet Haven so she could go on vacation in Tennessee on June 14. While in Tennessee, Pet Haven called her. Tia and Daisy somehow got out of the kennel. Daisy didn’t go far and was found by the kennel staff. The more timid and shy Tia, though, is still missing, according to Staudinger.

Tia, a lab shepherd mix, has been missing since June 20th.

“I don’t know how they got out,” said Staudinger, who has circulated fliers with Tia’s photo throughout the area. “Pet Haven has given me different stories. I don’t have an honest story of how they got out. They said maybe they went through a hole or jumped the fence.”

Pet Haven also said they took the collars and ID tags off both dogs before they went missing,” said Staudinger. She got Daisy’s back, but not Tia’s. “I don’t know why they did that. I can’t really get an answer. but Tia is running around without her collar and tags. I asked Pet Haven for the collar back, but they said they don’t have it.”

Staudinger said she is disappointed in Pet Haven.

“I had never been there before. I thought it was a nice place. It looks clean. Then this happens,” said Staudinger.

Tia is described as weighing about 50 lbs, and is mostly black with a bit of brown right below the knees and on her check.

“She looks more lab than anything,” said Staudinger.

“She is friendly, and would not bite anyone. But she’s very shy. She won’t walk up to strangers. That’s why we’re having such a hard time finding her,” she said.

There have been confirmed sightings of Tia, particularly around Cullman Road, as recently as the morning of June 25, she said. She urged the public not to try and catch Tia because she runs away from strangers.

Mary DeGrisky, Pet Haven's office manager, said the 10-year-old boarding facility has never had a dog escape before Tia.

“We have never had an issue with dogs escaping before this,” DeGrisky said.

“We don’t know how the dogs got out of the area,” DeGrisky said, adding there was no way someone left a gate open.

The kennel routinely takes the collars off of dogs so they do not get caught on anything, said DeGrisky. She added that they do not know where Tia’s collar is and that it should have been with the property the dog’s owners picked up.

“We are heartbroken that Tia is missing,” DeGrisky said. “I wish Tia would have come to her owner a couple days ago when they were here. We are praying that she comes to her owners soon.”

Staudinger is asking the public to contact Pet Haven at 419-898-2466 if they think they know where she is or have seen her, and Pet Haven will contact her.

“I’m sure she can find water in running ditches and the creek. But I know she’s hungry. I’ve been leaving food out. She hasn’t had any food since she has been lost,” said Staudinger.

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missing dog
posted by Lori, July 01, 2012
We spotted Tia this morning,July 1st. She took off running again though. She is so confused and scared she wouldn't even come to her owner.The first day missing there were so many people chasing her, even on 4 wheelers that I think she is just traumatized . I would think Pet Haven would still be doing more to help catch her. We were out everyday this week and never saw anyone out looking from there. If they would at least set some large live traps in the areas where she has been spotted it might help. As for this never happening before, we were told by more than one area resident while searching that it has happened before.

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