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Walbridge - Council again doesn’t excuse mayor’s absence
Written by Larry Limpf   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 16:36

For the second time in two months members of Walbridge Village Council have not excused the absence of Mayor Dan Wilczynski from their meetings.

A motion to excuse the mayor, who was out of town on a business trip, from Wednesday’s meeting didn’t pass as it drew the support of only 3 councilmembers and was opposed by 3 members.

Voting to excuse the absence were Nathan Eikost, Pat Fox, and Ed Kolanko, council president. Fred Sloyer, Sue Hart-Douglas, and Jan Sawaya voted to not excuse.

Last month, Sloyer, Sawaya, and Kolanko voted to not excuse the mayor for missing the Feb. 15 council meeting. Fox and Eikost voted to excuse him.

Mayor Wilczynski’s private sector job and travel requirements have become more of an issue in this Wood County village of late in part due to the recent hiring and abrupt resignation of an administrator – a position responsible for overseeing village operations such as the street department.

Except for Ken Gilsdorf, who was hired recently for the position but abruptly resigned after less than two months on the job, the village has been without an administrator for well over a year.

Kolanko, who assumes the responsibilities of acting mayor during the mayor’s absences, said after the Feb. 15 meeting he was frustrated with the mayor not informing him of his business travel and when the mayor will miss meetings.

Explaining his vote Wednesday to excuse the mayor, Kolanko said the mayor did inform him he’d be out of town and miss last week’s meeting. 

“In this instance he did provide that to me,” Kolanko said.

Mayor Wilczynski during a candidate forum last October conceded his job took him out of town often and he missed on average one council meeting a month. But he said a new job would require less travel.

Some residents have attributed the vacancy of an administrator to problems with street repairs and related maintenance.

There could also be legal ramifications.

Cecil Adkins, a resident and former member of council, read a letter from the office of the Ohio Attorney General, which he contacted about the vacant position.

Kevin McIver, chief-opinions section, writes that an administrator must be appointed once the position has been created.

“Section 735.271 (of the Ohio Revised Code) makes the appointment of a village administrator mandatory, once that position is established. There is no exception to this requirement, unless the village legislative authority abolishes the position of village administrator. A court proceeding could be instituted against a mayor and village legislative authority that fail to carry out their responsibilities under this statute,” his letter says.

Mayor Wilczynski said Thursday he’s begun the process for hiring a new administrator and has submitted a job description and recommended a pay rate for the position to Sawaya and Kolanko, who chair council’s human resources and finance committees respectively.

He’s recommending a salary of $10,000, which was the same salary he initially proposed for the post when Gilsdorf was hired. That figure was later unanimously raised by council to $14,400 after hearing a recommendation from the human resources committee the responsibilities of the position warranted a higher salary. 

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Mayor,Mayor, Mayor
posted by Lisa Lind, March 09, 2012
Gone again, really should we be surprised. I understand that Council has an approved job description and pay rate established for the position. Yet the Mayor wants a "new job description and pay rate", what's wrong with the current job description and pay rate? Did council take away power from the Mayor? Is he trying to shift the blame for not having the position filled? Council should follow the advice of Mr. McIver and procede to take court action against the Mayor. They have the responsibility to insure the law is being adhered to. The position has been vacant well over a year, there is NO excuse.
dentist business gone
posted by joann Schiavone, March 09, 2012
It was told wednesday night at council meeting, and yes the mayor was not there and neither was the police chief... There has been alot of concerns on the recent attempted robbery, and it was at the same home that was robbed about 6 months ago.. The person was asleep, but this time woke up to 2 men inside his home he chased them, but was able to catch either one of them... resident question the council as to what investigations were being done... The police chief awn't there the resident was told it was under investigation... The resident went to all the neighbors surrounding the home that was broken into and no one from the police dept.. had question them...Then some of the council was told by another resident that our dentist office moved out, and some looked totally surprised at that... The mayor has a business on side of this dentist office and one councilmen has a barber shop on the other side... I find it very unusually that those two elected official mention nothing to this business leaving to some of the council members...When the mayor is out of town the president of council then becomes the acting mayor and sould be informed of everything going on in the village it is not up to a fiscal officer of this village who is an employee of this village and anyone in the office to make decisons without informing this acting mayor... Apparently there was water break, and that our acting mayor wasn't aware of but the fiscal employee was at the site of the break...Why didn't this employee call the acting mayor on this?????? residents are complaining that when they called down to the office that all they ever get is a recording... I thought that office is open from 9 to 5??? Did those hours change???
posted by joann Schiavone, March 09, 2012
I thought that the council voted on the salary of the adminstrator... Why is this mayor coming back with what he wants to pay this person... I thought the majority of council RULES.....What he needs to do is appoint someone to this position, and then council needs to vote on it..I thought we voted for 6 members of council and ONE mayor in this village....I think this mayor has forgotten that this isn't a business but a village, and it should be run like a village... We pay taxes and return we asked for services...So with that in mind that Mayor works for US..We don't work for him... He is not a CEO he is a mayor with 6 members of council...
vilalge administrator
posted by mr smith, March 13, 2012
Does this article say the recommended salary is $10,000 a year? seriously? The Admin in Genoa made like $65,000, its not Genoa is THAT much bigger..There is a lot more to running all the BS in a village than you would think.

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