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Genoa may ban parking on front lawns
Written by Cynthia L. Jacoby   
Thursday, 01 March 2012 16:43

Parking your car on your front lawn in Genoa may soon be illegal.

The issue re-emerged last week when village council first reviewed the recently revised planning and code book, which the planning commission approved at its Feb. 13 meeting.

However, the planning commission members forgot to add a once-talked-about front lawn parking ban to the text and council is now considering its addition, Mayor Mark Williams told council.

“The parking is an issue that has come up for a number of years since they stopped allowing parking on Washington and Main streets,” Village Administrator Kevin Gladden said.

“Some of the people protested by parking on their front lawns,” Gladden explained. And the administrator himself does have empathy for the residents of the area, he said. “I mean, I can see especially around the holidays, you got Christmas dinner, where are these people supposed to park?”

When street parking was eliminated, residents were told to use the alleyways behind their homes for additional parking beyond their front driveways.

“But the alleyways are so small and weren’t made for that kind of parking,” Gladden said.

And ultimately, village leaders haven’t been able to dissuade disgruntled residents from parking on the lawns of their properties.

The key issue is the overnight parking, Gladden said. “The chronic use of it as a driveway is the problem. They will have to be careful how they word it,” he said of creating a new guideline.

Right now, Genoa codes allow for parking for recreational vehicles (such as boats and campers) up to 72 hours for offloading and such, the administrator said.

The code manual presented to council consists of more than 500 pages.

“Sometimes things get missed when a document is that big,” Gladden said.

Genoa Planning Commission President Carlos Baez could not be reached for comment.

Council will have three readings to discuss the revised planning code as well as a public hearing, Gladden said.

Should council members decide to revise the code presented to them with the new parking ban, there will be several chances for public input, he said.

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