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Once again this year, members of the Eastwood community have opened their homes to foreign exchange students. 

Through their involvement in school activities, the seven students who make their home in the Eastwood community this year will share customs of the home countries so that students can understand the world. 

Johanes Neff is a 17-year -old exchange student from Altheim, Germany staying with Pemberville mayor James Opelt.

         Johanes Neff
         Alejandro Vera
           Aidai Isaeva
            Hugo Liziario
           Kean Hedberg
Miriam Abel
    Diana Drgonova

Neff's favorite things about America so far have been the nice people and environment. He also likes the food in the United States, his favorite being pizza.

Differences Neff has noticed at Eastwood compared to his home country's school is the daily schedule and test format. At Eastwood, Neff likes the sports and plays football for the school.

In his free time, Neff likes to go out and meet new people around the community.

Seventeen-year-old Alejandro Vera is an exchange student from Caracas, Venezuela. He is being hosted by Dave and Rebecca Williams.

Vera likes that America has things ready to go, especially food, but feels that American laws are a little too strict when compared to his home country's.

At Eastwood, Vera likes spirit week and the lockers the students have but doesn't like the fast pace of changing classes. He also says that his school is very different in his home country. In Venezuela they don't have many sports or physical education class and the kids wear a different style clothing.

In his free time, Vera likes to work out , create music and hang out with friends.  His favorite class this year is physical education.

Hailing from Karakol, Kyrgyzstan is exchange student Aidai Isaeva. Her host family is the Parish Brown family.

Despite the fact that Isaeva has only been living in America for three weeks, she says she already enjoys Americans for the kindness and ability to help others. She also likes that Americans are punctual.

At Eastwood, Isava likes the school staff and kind teachers who are always there for her to help and explain if she has any questions.

However, she says that school is much different in America. In her home country they study 15 subjects per year and have different schedules each day.

At school, Isaeva is involved in International Club and her favorite subject is German.

Seventeen-year-old Hugo Liziario is an exchange student from Portugal staying with Pemberville mayor James Opelt.

At school, Hugo says that he likes almost everything about Eastwood but doesn’t understand some student customs. One that seems particularly strange to him is how students walk around in circles in the halls in the morning.

He also says that at Eastwood, there are more quizzes throughout the day than at his home school.

Hugo likes that America is so interested in sports, and his favorite activities include running, rugby, surfing and soccer. However, he doesn’t like American food because, in his opinion, it’s all junk food.

Another exchange student at Eastwood this year is sixteen-year-old Kean Hedberg from Copenhagen, Denmark who is staying with the Shirling family.

Kean likes that America has such an interest in high school sports, but dislikes that everyone has such a routine to their days.

At Eastwood, Kean’s favorite subjects are Speech and German and he also likes the students and sports teams, especially football and wrestling. At his home school, Kean says its different because there the teachers come to the students in the classrooms.

In his free time, Kean likes to hang out with friends, play sports and, of course, have a good time.

Miriam Abel is a sixteen-year-old exchange student from Ehningen, Germany staying with the Elston family.

At school, Miriam’s favorite subject is Spanish and she says she loves the school spirit and how nice and helpful everyone is. However, she thinks that there should be more two-hour- delay days.

Miriam says that at her home school, they have different subjects everyday and many more subjects per year than at Eastwood. She also says that in Germany they have an hour for lunch and they usually eat outside of the school.

Miriam has also been quite active in Eastwood activities including soccer, lifting and International Club. In her spare time she likes to hang out with friends, play guitar and sing, and do sports.

The last on our list of exchange students for the year is sixteen year old Diana Drgonova from Bratislava, Slovakia staying with the Hilt family.

Diana likes the American school system but says its school day is scheduled differently than in her home country and there are more classes she has to take during the school year in Slovakia.

Specifically at Eastwood, she likes that she has so many interesting classes to chose from and she also enjoys all the sports we have and our school lunches.

In her spare time, Diana likes to read, dance, watch movies and hang out with friends. Activities she has been involved in are indoor and outdoor soccer, the bowling team and the musical.

Reprinted with permission by advisor Carol Wolf from The Eagle’s Eye, an Eastwood High School student publication.



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