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Though still weeks from Christmas, an Oregon couple last week got some holiday cheer when a company that buys tall Christmas trees such as pines, spruces and firs approached them to see if they were interested in cutting down two 50-60 foot pine trees in their yard.

Carol Sarns was in her Eastland Drive home last Sunday when a man came to her door asking about a pair of tall pine trees in the yard of her neighbors, Ryan and Jenny McMahon.

The man, from Egan Acres Tree Farm, of Riverdale, New York, spotted the McMahon’s trees from I-280 as he made his way back from delivering a tree to a mall in Detroit.

“You can see our backyards from I-280, and he saw my neighbor’s trees,” said Sarns. “He said he was looking for two trees to take to New York, and they were what he wanted.”

Knowing that the McMahons were not home, Sarns agreed to jot down his name and phone number for the McMahon’s to contact him.

Jenny McMahon said when Sarns contacted her and Ryan, she thought it was a joke.


Our neighbor called and said, `Hey, this guy wants to buy your tree.’ And I said, `Are you serious? Is this some kind of craziness?’ We thought our neighbor sent him over to our house as a joke,” said Jenny. Sarns told the McMahons that if they didn’t contact the man that night, he was going to try to reach them again the following year.

“I was really leery, because I’ve heard of a lot of scams,” said Jenny. “But I don’t know of anybody coming up to your door and wanting to buy your trees. It was just really, really weird. We were kind of thrown off.”

Jenny realized the company was legitimate after checking it out on the Internet.

“Luckily, it turned out to be normal,” she said. The company even decorates the trees for its clients, she added, and puts photographs of them on their Website.

“They will even fill them in by attaching extra branches from other trees, if they need it,” said Jenny.

“We contacted him later on,” said Ryan, “and he came over and explained everything to us.”

The couple said they are looking forward to seeing photos of their former trees on the company’s Website.

The company buys and cuts down large trees, such as pines, spruces and firs, for transport to clients throughout the world, according to owner John Egan, whose son had discovered the McMahon’s trees while on the highway.

He said the company holds the record for erecting the largest cut Christmas tree in the world – a 135-foot Douglas Fir at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Animal Theme Park in Vallejo, California last December.

“We got that from the State of Oregon. It was twice the size of the Christmas tree that was put up in Rockefeller Center,” he said.

The company’s clients have included commercial parks, city plazas, fountains, office buildings, hotels, the New York Stock Exchange, Chase Manhattan Plaza, and amusement parks such as Six Flags. 

His company looks mostly for spruce and fir trees, he said. Either his company finds the trees, or people will contact him because they have become a nuisance.

“People call me to get a tree that’s annoying them. It might be too close to the foundation of their house, or buckling their driveway. They call me up to say they want the tree removed. I tell them that people somewhere will be happy with this tree. Our motto is, `We’ll travel anywhere in the world to bring happiness to the people for the Christmas season,”’ he said.

In 1998, the company transported a 53-foot Douglas Fir by cargo plane to an office building in Caracas, Venezuela.

“We had to take the skylight out and lower it into the hallway,” he said.

Does he have a tree he is proudest of acquiring?

“I’m proud of all of them. Every job is an entity onto its own. There are different problems we have to surmount,” he said.

For instance, the 135-foot tree the company delivered to Six Flags had to be lowered by a helicopter into a fountain at the theme park.

“It was hard to get the tree in there. The tree was too big to go around the small curves,” he said.

The company plants a tree or two for every tree that is removed, he said.

“People like to see another tree growing after we take a tree out,” he said.

Not only does the company cut, transport, erect and decorate the trees, but it will also take them down after Christmas.

“We take them down, grind them up and put the mulch around other trees that are growing,” he said.

The McMahons, who have lived in their Eastland home for five years, had been planning to cut down one of the trees because it was too close between the houses, said Jenny.

“So he came at the right time,” she said.

The company paid the couple $300 for each tree, said Ryan.

Over the next two days, the company tied up the massive conifers to prepare them for transport to New York.

“They were pretty efficient,” she said.

On Wednesday morning, the trees came down, and lowered by a crane to a flatbed truck.

One of the trees is expected to go to a mall and the other to an apartment building in New York, said Ryan.

“It’s all kind of interesting,” said Ryan. “It’s different, that’s for sure. It doesn’t happen every day.”

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