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Million dollars not in the cards for contest winner
Written by Tammy Walro   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 14:21

It was a bright and sunny Halloween afternoon.

Just before 1 p.m., a contingent of Kathy Martin’s family members, neighbors and friends began to gather at her son Patrick’s home on South Eastmoreland Drive in Oregon, waiting for a sign of the Hostess Prize Patrol.

The Hostess representatives, accompanied by an agent from a Boston underwriting company, were coming to offer Kathy a chance to win a $1 million as part of the “Hand Out Hostess on Halloween Sweepstakes.”

Much to the crowd’s delight, they were accompanied by a a truck filled with Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs and more.

The former Millbury woman – a self-described sweepstakes junkie – won the contest through an online e-mail sweepstakes. She was visiting her son in Oregon as she made her way from her Michigan home to Florida, where she spends the winter with her mother.

After the formalities were completed, the underwriter distributed 15 oversized envelopes, which were held by Kathy’s grandchildren and neighbor children.

When they were lined up, Kathy chose envelopes 6 and 12 – numbers that were significant to her memory of her late son– hoping to find pictures of matching halves of a Hostess cupcake inside.

Although she didn't win the $1 million, Kathy Martin was happy to
receive a check for  $10,000 in the Hand Out Hostess on Halloween
Sweepstakes. (Press photo by Ken Grosjean)

Unfortunately, the cards inside were not the winners, which were inside envelopes 11 and 15.

Though she didn’t win the $1 million, Kathy did receive a check for $10,000 and a supply of sweet treats.  Onlookers also received boxes of Hostess goodies to enjoy.

“I’m still thrilled,” she said, as she was presented an oversized check from Hostess representatives Kate Denoncourt and Julie Prentice. “Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. It will help me catch up on some old bills and maybe get a few things I want.

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By: Tammy Walro

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