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Twelve-year-old Zach McGuire of West Toledo spent this past Father’s Day weekend selling Kool-Aid from the end of his driveway to passers-by on Sylvania Avenue to collect donations for the victims of the Millbury and Lake Township tornados. 

Calling his fundraising event “Kool-Aid for Tornado Aid,” Zach raised $191. Young McGuire will present the donations to Blessed Sacrament Parish. The funds will be channeled through Catholic Charities for distribution to those who lost virtually everything in the late night storm on June 5.

“I just wanted to help” stated Zach McGuire when asked why he decided to embark on his latest fundraising drive.

According to his father, Thomas J. McGuire, 52, “Zach has always had a giving heart. If he has a dollar in his pocket, he will try to give you two.”

Zach McGuire has conducted several fundraisers from his driveway since he was in second grade. 

He started with “Kool-Aid for Katrina” where he raised over $420 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Later that year he sold over $6,000 in Kool-Aid to assist the flood victims in Findlay.  In 2007, Zach raised over $1,000 to help those caught in the California wildfires. In January of this year, young McGuire sold hot cocoa to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake that devastated Haiti.

“For me, I can’t image a better Father’s Day gift than watching my son do what he can to help his fellow man in need,” stated Thomas McGuire.

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