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Oregon city council voted 6-0 at a special meeting Jan. 21 for Mayor Mike Seferian’s appointment of Michael Beazley as the new city administrator.

Council member Mike Sheehy was not present at the meeting.

Seferian said he had spoke earlier with Sheehy, who had expressed “his strong support” for the appointment.

Beazley, who is currently the administrator of Lucas County, will start his new job in March for a period of five years.

Seferian said Council member Sandy Bihn felt more comfortable if the city approved a term for Beazley’s contract.

“She was comfortable with five years. Mr. Beazley was comfortable with a five year term,” said Seferian.

Beazley, who did not submit a resume for the position, beat out 60 candidates who had submitted resumes to the city by the Dec. 15 deadline.

Seferian, an independent who beat incumbent Marge Brown for mayor last November, has said he had his eye on Beazley, a Democrat, since former City Administrator Ken Filipiak left soon after the election.

“As you all know, the start up of my term here was December 1,” Seferian told council. “And on that day, officially, we didn’t have a city administrator. That was something I started to work on as soon as I took office. I made announcements on this floor more than once, and at the Oregon Economic Development Foundation, that…I would be on the lookout to try and seek the best possible city administrator I could find by just looking.”

Seferian said he started ranking candidates on a scale of 1-10 “hoping to find a 10.”

“That would be the perfect solution if we could find a 10. Unfortunately, that wasn’t achievable. I couldn’t find a 10. Mike Beazley happened to screw that up,” said Seferian. “After all the ranking, he didn’t come close to a 10. He came in at about 14. I say that with all sincerity. I really believe this is the best possible candidate. I’m very comfortable recommending the name of Mike Beazley as city administrator.”

Council member Jim Seaman praised Seferian for picking Beazley.

“He did a great job. A lot of credit should go to him,” said Seaman. “It’s not an easy job communicating with all council members and with the administration surfing through all those applications. I think Mr. Seferian deserves credit for picking an absolutely great person to fulfill the job for the City of Oregon.”

Council member Jerry Peach agreed.

“Michael Beazley is not a person unknown to me. He’s been very active in the region for a number of years. I want to commend Mayor Seferian for the choice he has made,” said Peach. “I think Mr. Beazley’s work experience, his background, makes him well suited for the position of city administrator of the City of Oregon.”

Beazley’s appointment is separate from his contract, which will go before council at a later date.

Seferian told The Press before the meeting that Beazley’s annual salary as administrator will be $120,000. Filipiak’s annual salary was $103,000. Beazley’s annual salary as Lucas County administrator is $105,000.

Seferian also said that Beazley waived a $5,000 vehicle allowance and separation agreement, provisions that were part of Filipiak’s contract.

Beazley, who lives in Toledo, will also get a $10,000 moving allowance if he decides to live in Oregon, which is not required.

Bihn said at the meeting that she hoped Beazley, 55, would move to Oregon, as had previous administrators.

“I would like to echo everyone else’s comments in terms of the mayor’s selection and Mr. Beazley’s appointment. I think he’s terrific and he’ll do well by the City of Oregon,” said Bihn. “With regard to the rating and scoring, my preference for the perfect person would have been a person who resides in the City of Oregon. I think living here is important. I’ve expressed this to Mr. Beazley this evening.”

The city provides a onetime payment of $10,000 in moving expenses to city administrators if they decide to move to Oregon, she noted.

“Quite frankly, I would hope that Oregon is good enough and important enough for you and your family to be here. I think it’s very important for a person that leads the administration to be part of this community. And I say that with all due respect, but I think it’s important to say. So I would hope that you will live here,” said Bihn. “Every other administrator has been required to live here. And I think you’re a cut above - if not many cuts above - all those that we’ve had before. I’m very much in support of you being here. I wish you very well. But I really want you to live here and be part of our community.”

Beazley thanked council and the mayor for its confidence in him.

“I look forward to serving. I’m here because I love local government and I love the service it provides to people, which is what we rely on the most every day,” said Beazley. “I’m here also because of the mayor’s enthusiasm – it’s contagious. And every person I talk to in Oregon is proud to be from here. It tells me that it’s a community that is working. I’m not here to fix Oregon, I’m here to help to be what it is, and help it continue to grow and thrive. I’m excited about that. I’ve worked in local government for too many decades to count. I do that because I enjoy it. Frankly, I wasn’t looking for a job. I had some other plans. The mayor called me, and we just started talking. It sounded like it could be challenging, fun, and interesting. You have a great staff I’ve heard about. I look forward to getting to know everyone better, and making the confidence you have in me something that you’ll still have many years to come.”



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