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Genoa - Pool permit issue revisited
Written by Cynthia L Jacoby   
Tuesday, 28 May 2013 09:26

Humid temperatures earlier this week rekindled talk of pool permits in Genoa.

The village planning commission met prior to the regular council meeting on Monday and discussed the renewed enforcement of pool permits for this summer, Village Administrator Kevin Gladden said.

The village undertook a major awareness campaign last year to inform residents they needed pool permits for any pool larger than 12 feet in diameter and 18 inches tall. Fences are also required if the pool sides measure less than 54 inches.

The pool permit fee is a one-time fee of $25. The fence permit costs an additional $25.

Violators can be cited into court on a misdemeanor charge for not following village code.

“They have to comply by putting up a chain link fence or board on board fence,” Gladden said.  “They can’t have a split rail fence. The point is to keep others from accessing it.”

Village officials say they were a little lenient in the first year but say they will step up enforcement as the mercury soars and the pools pop up across town.

Safety is a chief reason for the push to keep the pool situation in line, the administrator said.

Village officials met with some resistance last year when they began enforcing regulations requiring residents to install permanent fences for the temporary plastic pools set up in their yards. The most popular today are the large blue inflatable pools sold at most major stores.

And those pools can be the most dangerous, Gladden said. Their flexible sidewalls increase the opportunity for accidents. Someone, especially a small child, leaning on a side could easily be drawn into the water, increasing the drowning potentials, he explained.

He recalled a time that he saw water flowing along Fourth Street during a dry spell and thought a water line had burst. Minutes later, he found that an inflatable pool in a yard nearby had collapsed. A woman trying to clean up the mess kept losing her footing as streams of water gushed out and knocked her down, he said.

“Once those things get flowing you can’t stop them,” the administrator said.

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