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Lake Twp.: Fire chief, 2 firefighters resign
Written by Larry Limpf   
Thursday, 21 February 2013 19:30

The Lake Township trustees have accepted the resignations of Fire Chief Todd Walters and two members of the volunteer fire department, Richard Hallock and Michelle Hallock, firefighter/emergency medical technicians, for reportedly violating township regulations, according to a statement by the board of trustees issued during a special meeting Thursday.

The Hallocks, who are married, and Walters attended the wedding Feb. 16 of Steve Sims, also a member of the fire department.

“At the reception, they became concerned about the level of intoxication” of Scott Sims, Steve’s brother and a sergeant with the township police department, the statement says.

“They determined that the Hallocks would drive Sergeant Sims to his home outside the township. The two determined to treat him and obtained two bags of saline solution from Lake Township Fire Station 2 and administered these to Sergeant Sims at his home,” the statement says.

Melanie Bowen, who chairs the board of trustees, said their actions are “in violation of Lake Township regulations and standards of care. The fire chief was at the wedding reception and this happened on his watch.”

Trustee Ron Sims and Walters didn’t attend the meeting. Bowen and trustee Richard Welling approved a resolution appointing Deputy Fire Chief Mike Hornyak as acting chief. Hornyak was present, sitting in the seat usually occupied by Walters during regular meetings of the trustees. Steve Sims and Scott Sims are sons of Ron Sims.

Police Chief Mark Hummer is investigating whether Sgt. Sims violated department standards, according to the statement. He said he couldn’t comment further due to disciplinary rules in the police union’s contract.

“These are good people and we thank them for their work in all the fires they fought and emergency runs they made,” Bowen read from the statement. She said their efforts during the June 2010 tornado that hit the township should be remembered and called their actions at the reception a “poor decision.”

“As a result they each determined to resign for the good of the fire department and our township,” she said.

Welling said the three “did the right thing here in immediately accepting accountability under our high standards and as role models in the community.”
“Things like this are hard because we all make bad decisions,” he said.

Welling and Bowen, accompanied by Tom Hays, township legal counsel, Hornyak, and Hummer went into executive session for about 17 minutes before reconvening the meeting and announcing the resignations.
Bowen said the session was called to discuss issues “pertinent to fire and police department personnel.”

A notice of the special meeting also mentions pending litigation. After the meeting, Bowen said she couldn’t comment on possible litigation.

“We don’t know yet,” she said.

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Sims Sims Sims......
posted by Sabrina Jennings, February 21, 2013
Didn't a niece of Trustee Sims just get appointed a seat on Lake Twp.? And we have a Sims (Scott) as a Lake Twp. Police Sgt. AND a Sims (Steve) as a Firefighter/EMT on the Fire Department???? So apparently nepotism is the way to go in Lake Twp. No one else finds this ridiculous???? Now with all of this crap happening (again) and more that the public doesn't even know about (yet), there is no problem with ethics in Lake Twp. I suppose?

An investigation is pending with Sgt. Scott Sims....I'm sure daddy Sims will pay off whoever (again) and straighten this whole thing out.

let's wrap this up:

Scott Sims in on the Police Dept.
Steve Sims in on the Fire Dept.
Ron Sims in a Twp. Trustee.
And now Ron Sims' niece just beat out 10 people (more qualified than her) to get on what board???

...and Lake Twp. residents stand by and let this happen. Way to keep it classy Lake Twp.
posted by Randolph Kania, February 22, 2013
The firefighters and officers in this story,I think,were all involved one way or another in the incident at Eastpointe. Maybe it had something to do with PTSD, but not one person is using that for an excuse. Most likely they all would like to forget it. I personally don't have the stomach to do a job that involves witnessing violent death and dealing with physical trauma on a regular basis. So somebody drank too much trying to forget and someone had his back. My hat's off to all of you. God Bless
posted by Wesson Smith, February 23, 2013

You obviously have something against the Sims family. Some would look at them and say they are a family that serves the community, you take the opposite side and just assume the worst in people.

Since you are so upset with the township, I assume you will be running for one of the two trustee seats (one of which is Mr. Sims) or three school board seats (one of which is the niece) that are up for election this November. Looking forward to hearing about your candidacy.

I believe the niece was appointed to the school board, not to Lake township. Are you upset that you applied and did not get selected and thus you threw her into this mess? Plese name the 10 people that applied that were more qualified and how you know this.

posted by jim gray, February 23, 2013
scott sims needs to be fired there is a lot of dirt on this guy and it will come out in the wash he has the title SUPER COP in the community ,I do not think so .he once told me he was a respected officer in the community .when you are in the public eye control yourself and know when to shut her down !
posted by Jsmith, February 24, 2013
I find this article very interesting on how the blame is being shifted on the firefighters that were trying to help Scott Sims. It seems that Lake Township is attempting to use the three firefighters as an escape goat for Scott Sims. Lake Township is trying to make the firefighters out as the bad people in this situation, but the real person that is at fault is Scott Sims. The firefighters were there to help him Scott Sims. The one question I have is, if the wedding was for Steve Sims how did Ron Sims the father of Scott Sims, not able to tell that his own son was getting highly intoxicated and try to intervene. I find it hard to believe that Chief Hummer will find any fault on Scott Sims part when Ron Sims the boss of Chief Hummer who is investigating his son. I think all the way around the whole situation makes Lake Township look bad.
posted by Keith Sims, February 25, 2013
jim grey....If you got dirt on Sgt. Sims why don't you share it with us. I'm guessing you 're just some cry baby he gave a ticket.
posted by Keith Sims, February 25, 2013
Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina.... Maybe you should get your facts straight before running your mouth. It really does show your ignorance.
posted by James, February 26, 2013
As this indident is unfornunate for the Lake TWP fire department and Lake Twp community, the individuals who took the IV solutions and administered them are to blame. They both accepted responsibility for there actions and have resigned. For the trustee to say Former Chief Walters is to blame since it happened on his watch is incorrect, or the trustees are to blame also since it was also on their watch! An individual with a grudge against the Fire Department or the TWP in general is to also blame. This individual went to the media prior to permitting the Chief, Trustees, or PD to even look into these accusations. As for Chief Walters resigning; good for him, when your bosses dont even allow you to look into this matter and run the department as they hired you to do: probably a good choice to leave. Did the other 2 firefighters act inappropriatly, yes they did. But that punishment should have been up to the Fire Chief to handle had he been given that chance. As for the Sim's, According to some commenta and of course the media; its all their fault. Guess its a name thing, or once again the individual who informed the media has a problem with the Fire Department or the TWP. Or maybe its a personal vendeta against the Sim's; either way the individual who leaked/informed the media or whatever the did is wrong also. This should have been taken to the TWP to be handled.
posted by Ashley, February 26, 2013
SABRINA...You are a very ignorant person! Jealousy, personal vendeta,or just simlpy dislike the Sims...I do believe all of the above!! Have the Sims done anything to you?? You think you can fill the job of trustee, then run for it! Do you have what it takes to put your life on the line as a firefighter or police officer everyday, DONT THINK SO! Did YOU run for school board?? Nope. You are in no position to comment about anything. So before running your mouth, get your facts straight!! Your just another idiot that the media has consumed!

So lets wrap it up: KEEP IT CLASSY SABRINA
posted by jim gray, February 26, 2013
Kieth don't know men nor do you know what know about your brother .I would be more than happy to jump in and share some dirt on me it would not look so pretty here.and he's in enough trouble already.I would highly suggest you back off me! Or I will post it for you here that would not be a problem!

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