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Forty-three people who posted messages on The Press’s Facebook page at expressed their disappointment by the news that The Andersons store in the Woodville Mall will close in February.

Some blamed city officials for not finding a way to keep the store open, while others criticized the public for not supporting local businesses. Many just expressed sadness to hear that the store, which has been located in the mall for 24 years, will close.

“It will be a sad day…not only for the store but for the employees that work there,” said Christal Minatel.

“I love the Andersons,” said Vickie Avery Pesina. “I wish there was something we could do to keep it open.”

“Very sad,” said Barb Wilson. “And I am afraid Sears will follow since they will be the only one left.”

“Ultra-bummed,” said Deanna Baker-Vizi. “Was there when it opened…have supported it ever since.”

Sarah Ottney replied with a simple “NO!”

Sara Billings said, “WHAT???? NO WAY!!!”

“Nooooooooooo,” said Christine Rokicki.

Linda Fehr Meilink said she was “shocked and so disappointed…we shop there all the time!”

Some, like Ryan Billings, blamed Northwood for the loss.

“East Side losing everything…Woodville Road had the potential years back, now it’s all gone. I can only assume that somehow or another this has to be linked to the City of Northwood not doing what they need to keep the city vibrant…” said Billings.

Alan Singlar said he agreed with Billings.

“The city has to take the blame. I live next to the mall and everything on Woodville Road is closing. Yet the citizens keep re-electing the same mayor and the same council year after year!!!”

“Unfortunately, it is happening all over the Toledo area,” said Collene Oatley. “Thinking it is the lack of city management.”

Holly Grimes said The Press should do more to hold city officials accountable for the loss of businesses.

“I think The Press needs to start pressing Mayor Stoner and council for answers on what they’re doing to generate new businesses coming in. Hate to take my business across the river or to Perrysburg, but with the rate we’re losing, I have no choice,” said Grimes.

Kim Coppes blamed the public for not supporting the store.

“If people want stores to stay open, they need to shop there,” she said.

Dawn Betz Peiffer said there are fewer shoppers at the mall because the stores didn’t offer what the public wanted. The mall “would have thrived” if it had stores such as Old Navy and the Gap, she said.

“I have lived in the area my entire life and do not like to travel to other areas of town to buy things I can buy on this side of town,” said Peiffer. “This side of town has been treated as if we do not spend money. We deserve to have the same type of stores as other nearby areas. It is not only the mall owner and managers, but also past and present Northwood/Oregon development departments to prove we were worthy.”

Kateri Blair was also disappointed by what retail offers on the East Side.

“Northwood is the worst!” she said. “Hey, Andersons, what’s wrong with the old Steve and Barry’s? Or move to Navarre Avenue into the old Food Town building. There is a Food Town on Woodville across from your current location. Again, the East Side takes the brunt. All these stores carry less here than in West Toledo and then wonder why there aren’t more shoppers. Andersons quit carrying toys and bikes. And fishing gear. Here we are at the mouth of Lake Erie.”

Beth Rokicki said she was saddened that The Andersons can’t find another location in which to move.

“I hate having to drive somewhere else, not so close to me, to get my last minute items,” said Rokicki. “They will be missed and I can only hope they would reconsider their patrons on this side of town and relocate near the Northwood, Millbury, Walbridge and Genoa areas.”

Jeannine Burgess Czop said Andersons should have stuck it out longer.

“Heartbroken. Sad thing is this side of the river didn’t give up on Andersons, but they sure gave up on us. Poor management of the Woodville Mall, Northwood, and Woodville Road, and most importantly, poor management of The Andersons retail division…The Andersons could have moved to Oregon and kept its “East Side” store profitable and avoided this closing. Navarre Avenue has so much more to offer and would have been ideal. It’s not like the city of Oregon hasn’t tried. So sad.”




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