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Program aims to help disabled youths with job skills
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 14:43

Wood Lane/Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities is partnering with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC) to begin a new program called “Bridges to Transition.”

The program’s focus is to assist youth with developmental disabilities to acquire the needed skills to obtain employment upon graduation from high school.

National statistics indicate that youths with disabilities have significant difficulties with their transition from school to the demands of adult life.

“A student with a disability has less than a 20 percent chance of ever being employed in adult life if he or she does not have a job upon high school graduation,” said Wood Lane Employment Services coordinator Vic Gable. “Bridges is intended to change that outcome in Wood County.”

According to RSC, Bridges to Transition will generate new, high-quality transition assistance programs, expand services to young people with disabilities and maximize federal match funding for the state’s vocational rehabilitation program.

Blood donors honored during National Blood Donor Month
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 14:42

January marks a special month for the unsung heroes who commit to helping the one in 10 hospital patients who need blood. Every year since 1970, blood collection organizations have honored people who roll up their sleeves to help save lives by designating January as National Blood Donor Month.

“You couldn’t pick a better month than January to recognize blood donors in your community and across the United States,” said Don Baker, CEO for the Western Lake Erie Region of the American Red Cross. “As the start of the new year, January represents a time of renewal. And when you donate blood, you’re giving someone hope for a new beginning on life.”

Last year, about eight million people volunteered to donate blood in the United States, and gave about 15 million units of whole blood and red blood cells. Those donations, Red Cross officials say, went to help patients needing blood transfusions for emergency and trauma care, for surgeries, or for the treatment of serious diseases like cancer or leukemia.

“Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood,” said Baker. “Chances are someone in your very community will need blood within the coming year.”

Get growing - “Lucky” bamboo adds a touch of green to home decor
Written by J.K. DePeal-Garden Writer   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 14:40

During the winter months, for those with a passion for green, growing, things, it is interesting to check out what the garden centers of our local department stores have available. One interesting plant that I have been noticing is “Curly” or “Lucky” bamboo. I am told that this plant in the home brings good luck but, whether or not this is true, the plant is very decorative and unique.

In China, Lucky Bamboo plants are a symbol of good luck and are frequently given as gifts during the Chinese New Year. Recipients of Lucky Bamboo keep it near the entrance to their homes to attract good fortune. The number of stalks that the plant has determines the kind of luck it will bring. Three stalks, which is most common, are reputed to bring good happiness while five stalks mean wealth.

Lucky Bamboo is actually not a bamboo, rather it is a member of the family of plants called draecena. Draecena are native to rain forest areas of the world and include such common houseplants as the corn plant, pleomele, Madagascar Dragon tree,\ and striped draecena. These plants are also closely related to such houseplants as the snake plant and mother-in-law’s-tongue.

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