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At 4-feet-5, 80 pounds, Genoa’s Serena Parlette may very well be the smallest “player” in local athletics, but she’s not letting that stop her from doing big things.

Parlette, a team manager, may be the youngest girl ever to win a varsity letter. The basketball team awarded it to her last year.

“Last year, during my first year as manager, with Simone (Eli), Courtney (Mowery) and the rest of the ladies, I did receive my very first varsity letter along with a little pin that says ‘manager’ on it, and I thought that was pretty cool,” offers the 13-year-old Parlette.

Her affiliation with the team began when girls hoops coach Tom Kontak approached the then-seventh grader, whom at the time he had in class at John C. Robert’s Middle School, to join the basketball team as manager despite the fact she suffers from a condition known as Achondroplasia, or dwarfism.

“Coach came up to me at the end of the year and told me all about the job, and said if I was interested, he’d tell me everything I’d need to know,” Parlette said. “I thought it all sounded fun and kind of cool, so I decided to do it.” “Coach Kontak has always been really nice to me and has always treated me like I was a member of the Genoa family, and so has Coach Rawski, which totally helped me feel comfortable with the job from the beginning,” adds Parlette, who has since earned two varsity letters, maintained a 4.0 grade point average and is a first-chair clarinetist with the middle school band.


Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) will mark Child Abuse Prevention Month with its annual Child Memorial April 30 at 11:30 a.m.

The solemn ceremony will begin at Government Center, and participants will march to the LCCS offices for the raising of the child memorial flag.

This year’s ceremony will remember Julian Wielinski, age 2 months, who died in May 2009 after being thrown against an entertainment center by his father, and 2-year-old Isaiah Robinson, who died in December 2009 after allegedly being suffocated by his mother.

“These are two very tragic losses,” says Dean Sparks, LCCS executive director. “The deaths of these children are being felt by brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents. My heart goes out to the affected families.”

The Web site reports that in 2007, almost five children died every day as a result of child abuse. More than three-quarters of them were under the age of 4. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children & Families estimated that in 2007, 794,000 children were victims of maltreatment. In Lucas County, in 2009:


The joys of pregnancy and motherhood can be short-lived – or non-existent – for women with postpartum depression. An estimated 10 percent of new mothers struggle with this disorder that can be devastating for the mother, her infant, partner and family.

Mood changes after pregnancy, which may be caused by fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels following delivery, are extremely common. As many as 80 percent of new mothers experience “baby blues” after childbirth. Within two to three days after delivery, many women with baby blues report feeling depressed, anxious, upset or angry (with the new baby or others around them). They may cry for no clear reason; have trouble sleeping, eating and making choices; or question whether they will be able to care for the baby. These feelings often go away on their own within a week or so.

With postpartum depression, however, the negative feelings don’t resolve and can develop into a depressive disorder that interferes with the mother’s ability to function normally. The symptoms, which typically surface between one and three weeks after delivery, are more severe than the baby blues and may include:



Giving money to people along road

Do you feel compelled to give money to people holding signs along the road asking for money?
292843094 [{"id":"10","title":"No, I'm not sure they're legitimate.","votes":"6","pct":46.15,"type":"x","order":"1","resources":[]},{"id":"11","title":"No, I'm afraid they will use it for drugs.","votes":"4","pct":30.77,"type":"x","order":"2","resources":[]},{"id":"12","title":"Yes, I feel good about helping someone down on their luck.","votes":"3","pct":23.08,"type":"x","order":"3","resources":[]},{"id":"13","title":"Yes, we could all end up like that.","votes":"0","pct":0,"type":"x","order":"4","resources":[]}] ["#194e84","#3b6b9c","#1f242a","#37414a","#60bb22","#f2babb"] sbar 160 160 /communitypolls/vote/1-root.html?Itemid=182&id=5 No answer selected. Please try again. Thank you for your vote. Answers Votes ...