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St. Peter Church to host “blessiversial” performance
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Friday, 18 September 2009 09:31

Combining great storytelling with wit, wisdom and comedy, author Jonathan

Richard Cring has been dubbed a delightful and curious mingling of Mark Twain, the Apostle Paul and Steven Spielberg.

Cring is the winner of the Best Screenplay at the Top Ten Films in America for the movie, “Bernee,” and writes a daily blog at, which boasts a national readership in the tens of thousands.

Spending his weekdays working from the film industry in writing and musical composition, on Fridays, Cring climbs in a car or hops a jet and heads off with his business partner, Janet Clazzy, the conductor of the Sumner Pops Orchestra and movie scorer, to tour the country, sharing a creative explosion at…churches.


That’s right – churches.

Appearing under the banner of “Spirited,” Cring and Clazzy will be in Martin Monday Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. at St. Peter Lutheran Church, 17877 W. SR 579 (Blackberry Corners), east of Williston.

“Maybe having ancient memories of my mother forcing me to go to Sunday school, I somehow feel like a bird in the wintertime, needing to return to warmer places for my fellowship and interaction,” Cring said from his headquarters and home in Hendersonville, Tenn. “Creative people often leave the spiritual side behind when they achieve success and abandon the church to critics instead of encouraging folks who envision life in a better way.”

The pair often performs five shows a weekend of music, monologue and singing to audiences who often show up not knowing quite what to expect and always leave refreshed, or as one attendee put it, “feeling and looking 10 years younger.”

“Energy is spiritual, and when you dare to make spiritual things practical and practical things spiritual, you settle into a state that is enough to tickle every part of you. I learned a long time ago, if people agree with you they call it blessing and if they don’t, they say you are controversial.

“So I guess I’d call what I do ‘blessiversial’ – just enough of each to keep us both awake,” Cring said.

For more information about the program at St. Peter, call 419-836-8903. More details are also available at

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