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Two Terra students join forces in brochure design
A new brochure at Terra Community College was developed by two students in


From left, Steven Brandt, Mark Grine and
Kohler display parts of the new

the Digital Media Technology program.


Christine Kohler, of Gibsonburg, and Steven Brandt, of Pemberville, worked on the new distance learning brochure separately, but the final product combined their designs.

“We were looking to develop a brochure highlighting our distance learning program and thought we could open it up to students in the design class,” said Mark Grine, instructor of Digital Arts and Media Design.


When Father David A. Reinhart talks about his expected deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, images of M*A*S*H character Father Francis John Patrick Mulcahy come to mind.

For actor Rene Auberjonois, playing Father Mulcahy was a movie role. Actor William Christopher played the part for the M*A*S*H television series.

For Father Reinhart, serving as a U.S. Air Force active duty chaplain in a war

                       Fr. Reinhart & Fr. Eric P. Schild

zone will be for real.

Diocese of Toledo Bishop Leonard Paul Blair has announced that Fr. Reinhart will be released to the Archdiocese of Military Services to serve effective July 1.

Fr. Reinhart is currently the president of the Kateri Catholic School System, which includes Cardinal Stritch High School, and he is pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish on Bono. He will be replaced by Fr. Eric P. Schild, who is associate pastor and faculty member at the Fostoria St. Wendelin high school.

Fr. Reinhart plans to have his bags packed when Stritch seniors graduate the evening of Friday, May 21. He will immediately leave to spend time with family that weekend before heading to basic training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

“It’s something I felt compelled to do for a long time. As a member of the Army Reserves through college, I served for a little bit as Army Chaplain in one summer of my seminary years, and always thought that while I’m still young I needed to get back for a few years,” Fr. Reinhart said.


When Father David A. Reinhart took over as president of Cardinal Stritch High School from Fr. John Stites, Reinhart knew he had big shoes to fill.

Fr. Stites had served as the school’s leader for 22 years. He was leaving for a Sabbatical at the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, and is now serving over two parishes in Putnam County.

Today, Fr. Reinhart is president of the Kateri Catholic School System, which includes Stritch, and pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish in Bono. He is stepping down to become a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force.

His replacement will be Fr. Eric P. Schild, who currently serves as pastor at St. Wendelin parish in Fostoria and is a faculty member at the high school. Fr. Schild’s assignment becomes effective July 1.

Fr. Reinhart and Fr. Schild have known each other for a long time, so they expect the transition to be smooth.

“He was finishing up in high school, and he was a freshman in college when I was a brand new priest in Norwalk (St. Paul),” Fr. Reinhart said. “He was real active in the church, so we knew each other. Then we were actually roommates in our graduate program at the University of Dayton, School of Administration. So our paths kind of continued to cross as it often does with friendship and people sometimes.”


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