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Have Heart!?
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Thursday, 23 April 2009 14:01

After reading the novel, Searching for David’s Heart, Fassett 6th grade students had the awesome opportunity to welcome two very special visitors to their classroom.  Searching for David’s Heart is a novel about home life and our place in the family community.  It is a wonderful story of faith, hope, and love. 

Darcy doesn’t have the easiest home life, and when her brother is killed in a tragic accident and she believes it is her fault, her life is made even tougher.  Darcy’s parents decide to donate David’s heart for transplant.  Darcy believes that if she can find David’s heart, even if it’s beating in someone else’s body, then she will have found her brother, and in some way he will still be alive. 

Through the exploration of this family community, students examined their own lives for similarities and differences.  In addition, they focused on the literary elements of point of view and character.  As a connection to the novel, students enjoyed two wonderful presenters. Kara, from Life Connection, who talked about organ and tissue donation, and a friend of Miss Stanton’s, Natalie Cummerow, who shared her personal story on having a heart transplant!


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