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Letters to Santa
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 16 December 2010 16:52

Disclaimer:  We have tried to preserve the integrity of the children’s letters.  Please allow for some grammar and spelling errors.  Enjoy!

Dear Santa Claus,
I do not want very much because mom don’t have a lot of money so I am trying to go easy.  I want some cloths, shoes, baby dolls, baby doll cloths, baby carseat and baby blakets, Barbie dolles, Barbie clothes and shoes, jewelry, jewelry box and blankets for me, makeup.
Merry Christmas.
Your friend,

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a DSi.  Last year you ate a lot.  When I saw that I was surprised.  That was crazy.  I love my family.  My cousin Kaitlyn is very crazy but I love her.  I also want Barbie clothes and if I get a DSi I would like some DSi games too.
Age 7

Dear Santa,
My name is Alfonzo Carpenter Jr.  I am 13 years old.  I go to Chase School.  I am in the 6th grade.  I am getting good grades.  I think I should get 2 or 3 gifts for Christmas.  I would like-
1. Wii
2. Pokemon Cards
3. Nintendo DS
Santa how was your year? I waited so long for my birthday (Christmas).  Christmas is almost here.  Thank you, Santa.
Age 13

Dear Santa,
I would like a new Curious George.  My mommy washed the other one but its very old.  I would like my own bed and daddy 2 be happy.  I’ve been very good this year I’m doing good in school too.  Also I would like a guitar or drums.  Thanks!
Age 4

Dear Santa,
I would like daddy 2 be happy & warm this Christmas.  I would like 2 have my own bed 2 sleep in.  Also I would like a teddy bear with a white coat.  And maybe some book.  I have tried really hard to be good.  In school I’m doing better.  Hope you and everyone in the North Pole are doing good.
Age 8½

Dear Santa,
I like a Talkin Doll and Baby TWing.  Thanks you Santa.  Merry Christmas.
Age 2

Hola Santa,
I like cash register playset and children’s tea set.  Feliz Navidad.  Gracias Santa.
Age 4

Hola Santa,
Quiero que me regale un trampoline.  Y un Stunt Monster Car.  Muchos Gracias.  Feliz Navidad Santa.
Age 8

Dear Santa,
I would like DS games, toys, books and barbies.  I love you!
Age 9

Dear Santa Claus,
I think I have been good this year!  I go to school at Leverette Middle School.  I’m in the 8th grade and my grades are good.  How has your year been?  Well I would like to know if I could have 2-3 things for Christmas.
 1. Rainbow belt
 2. Digital Camera
 3. Glue on nails
I live with my grandma, my brother and my two sisters.  Thank you very much!  Have a Merry Christmas, too!

Dear Santa,
My Christmas list..  DSi pink, boots black peace sign, lava lamp
Age 6

Dear Santa,
My name is Angelina.  I am 6 years old.  My Christmas list.  DSi X/Maroon, Electric piano, DSi, DS, Lava lamp.
Age 6

Dear Santa,
My name is Aiden, I am 4 years old.  My list is a new game for my Vtech, remote crane, house with people in it, basketball.
Age 4

Dear Santa,
My name is Sabrina and I am 16 years old!  My list is:
1.A pair of Jordans size 9½
2.A black Carhartt jumpsuit
3.40 dollars for my phone
Thanks Santa.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Age 16

Dear Santa,
I been good in school and can you me DVD Dis and can you give me a truck for a red gan truck and a tv and can give me a pool and I wat a per of bonckrs and can you give me a basketball game for my xbox 360
Age 8

Dear Santa,
I think I have been a good girl, I try to share with my friends Sam and Cici.  I really would like a baby doll, I am a good Mom.  I wish you would bring some new work pants for my Mom – she’s been a good girl too!
Age 4

Dear Santa,
How are you?  I have been good I would like Bella puppy and an ipod please

Dear Santa,
How are you? I have heard that the North Pole has been COLD this year.  I love you Santa!  I have been the best I can this year.  I hope and pray that you bring a special blessing to my friends and family.  I hope that your family is doing well too!  May your travels across the world on Christmas be safe and jolly.  Thank you for all that you do!
P.S. My niece says to say, “I wish I had toys!”

Dear Santa,
How many elves do you have?  When you go to peoples houses how do you use the magic key?  Is Rudolf a real reindeer?  Does he have a red nose?  Would you please bring me a DSi?
Age 7

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.  I hardly ever get in trouble.  Please bring me a hamster for Christmas.  Also I would like some jewelry and paints.
Age 6

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a baby alive a doll house a Wii game a new flatscreen TV barbies set babys and I will be set.
Kay’onna and Alajah
Ages 9 and 4

Age 4

Dear Santa,
I have been super super good this year.  I would like for you to bring me stuff if you can.  I want all of the wekins that I don’t have, magic fabric, and all of the mazin hamsters that I don’t have, a wii in every room so we all can play and wii games and princess stuff.  I hope you can get that stuff for me santa!
Thank you very much santa
Age 9

Dear Santa,
It’s almost Christmas!!  So how are you??...Good!  If you are wondering, I want to be just like you!! Because you’re the BEST Santa Clause I the world!!!!! Wait, I ment in the UNIVERSE!!  Oh and I’ve Been good at school I get to help the kindergarteners with the computers since it is onley their first year at school.  3 days ago it was my 1st time helping them, so I was a little nervous.  Well this is what I want.  I want a 360 Kenect & an Ipod touch.  That’s it.  I’m not that picky, so that’s all.  Well I have to go now.  Bye.
Age 9

Dear Santa,
I have been good this year.  Could you please bring this stuff I want?  A Mario sign, A Luigi sign, Black DS with some games and a black wii.  A Jack Russell webkin.  Thank you.
Age 6

Dear Santa,
I’ve been good this year.  I want zuhzuh pets a Christmas vidio tap a neklis boots a blizzard makeer and tangled I'll put reindear food out for your reindear thank you santa for every thing.

Dear Santa,
Rylee wanted you to have her pictures!  She would like some baby dolls for Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I want a iphone, ipod, a laptop, and a bike.  I want jeans size 12, shirt size 14, shoes size 4, jacket size 14, and a new guitur.  And I would like a Barbie Glam Vacation jet with 4 barbies.  I would like a DSi XL with 3 games and a Barbie Dream town House.  I want a wii with 4 controller and 10 games.
Age 10

Dear Santa,
Pillow pat, cat toy, angel toy fish, cloths size 6, zhu zhu pet, shoes size 12, books colors, coat size 6, suplies for school, teddy bears toys, DSi and games Mario Bros.
Age 6

Dear Santa,
1.I want a Flow tv
2.I want a psp 3000:Color white.  Game for psp: Need for speed hot pursuit smack down vs. raw 2010, Dynasty Warriors and Strike Force
3.For my psp I want a 4 GB and playstaision network card for 50$ or 20$
4.I want a cool bike.
5.I want a iphone
6.I want a Laptope
7.I want a over driver
8.I want a camera
9.I want a sweater
10.I want a Lego Kingdom
11.I want a Hot wheels stealth ride
12.I want a battle manches
13.I want a elictrit gitare
14.I want all diffrent kinds of flip trikes
15.I want Heeles
16.I want a CD music system
17.I want a Mp3 player
18.I want arcad 2 -player Basketball
19.I want a Sansul 22" LeD tv
20.I want a manwatch
21.I want a tochscreen mp4 player
22.I want a ground Drif driffer
23.I want a spynet
24.I want a creas cross crash from hot wheels
25.I want a ps3, for games need for speed hot pursuite and guitar hero 5 and I want a new guitar for guitar hero 5.
26.I want DSi XL.  The games I want for my DSi XL is Sonic colors and I want a Guitar hero.
Age 11 


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