WCCOA to present 2023 Great Decisions Lecture Series

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        The Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc. (WCCOA), along with the American Association of University Women – Bowling Green Branch will again host the Great Decisions Lecture Series for six consecutive Saturdays, Jan. 21-Feb. 24, from 9:30-11 a.m. at the Wood County Senior Center, 140 S. Grove Street, Bowling Green.
        Great Decisions is an informative educational discussion group designed by the Foreign Policy Association. Participants will hear up-to-date information on worldly topics facilitated by Bowling Green State University professors. The speakers will provide an opportunity for questions and answers following each discussion session.
        These sessions are free and open to the public. Manuals are available for $35 but are not required for participation. To register, call the WCCOA Programs Department at 419-353-5661 or 800-367-4935, or email programs@wccoa.net.
        The schedule of topics and speakers includes:
        • Jan. 21: “Energy Geopolitics,” facilitated by Dr. Douglas Forsyth, associate professor, History Department. Access to oil and gas has long held an influence over the politics of individual nations and their relations with others. However, as more countries move toward sustainable energy, and supply chain shortages affect the availability of oil and gas, how will this change the way in which the United States interacts with the outside world?
        • Jan. 28: War Crimes, facilitated by Dr. Marc Simon, chair/associate professor, Political Science Department. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in widespread charges of war crimes and calls for justice. But what exactly are war crimes? Opinions of what constitutes a war crime have evolved, as have ways to identify and punish the perpetrators. How will the war crimes committed in Ukraine be dealt with?
        • Feb. 4: “Global Famine,” facilitated by Dr. Shannon Orr, professor, Political Science Department. Fears of global food shortages have followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has disrupted grain shipments from the major grain producer. But what about countries and regions that were suffering before this impending shortage? How is famine defined, and how is it different from simple food shortages? Are there any remedies?
        • Feb. 11: “Economic Warfare,” facilitated by Dr. Stefan Fritsch, associate professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science. Waging economic warfare consists of a variety of measures, from implementing sanctions to fomenting labor strikes. Such tools are utilized by states to hinder their enemies, and in the case of the United States, have been used as far back as the early 19th century. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, economic warfare has been the main means for the west to challenge Russia. How effective will these sanctions be at convincing Russia to cease its war?
        • Feb. 18: “Climate Migration,” facilitated by Dr. Vibha Bhalla, associate professor, Ethnic Studies. As climate change accelerates and drought and rising sea levels become more common, millions of people in affected regions must uproot themselves and seek safety elsewhere. Who are these affected individuals, and how might the United States aid them, and be affected by the migration?
        • Feb. 25: “Politics in Latin America,” facilitated by Dr. Amílcar E. Challú, chair and associate professor, Department of History. Electoral results in Latin America over the past four years have led many observers of the “Pink Tide” that swept the area some 20 years ago. But how much do these politicians actually have in common? What implication does their ascendancy have for the region?
        Note: Dates and topics are subject to change.
        Participants will be able to attend via Zoom and if sessions are not able to meet in person they will be held only virtually.      All session will be uploaded to the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc. YouTube channel.


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