Scott Stapp, The Voice of Creed, to headline Oregon's Boomfest

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Boomfest, Oregon’s Independence Day celebration, is back.
        The popular event will be held on July 15 starting at 3 p.m. at Oak Shade Grove, 3624 Seaman Road.
        It was not scheduled for the last three years.
        “Since we haven’t had it in the last three years, I’ve had people contact me constantly asking when we’ll be getting Boomfest back,” said Mayor Mike Seferian. “I think it’s a great event because it’s something I really do love and put my heart and soul into it from start to finish. I get people contacting me all the time who wanted it back. They really enjoyed going. I think that’s the sentiment of a lot of people in Oregon. They bring their friends and relatives from the other side of town and celebrate it here with them. I think it’s a great thing that we feature our city and welcome people from other communities to see what we have, and how we conduct business here.”
         This year, Scott Stapp, The Voice of Creed, will be headlining the entertainment at the event. “He’s a little more expensive than our past performers,” said Seferian. The city negotiated with Stapp’s representatives over a 65 day period.
         “It’s kind of an in-depth process to go through and sign a major band.  Traditionally, it takes a promoter to do that. I developed those abilities over the past 14 years. They allowed me to speak directly to the negotiating team to strike this deal,” said Seferian. They agreed to pay Stapp $62,500. By contrast, Starship was paid $48,000 to headline the entertainment at Boomfest in 2019.
         “All in all, our expenditure this year will be $14,500 more than in 2019. However, I have worked hard to solicit funds from businesses in this community to reduce costs.”
        Musical performances of Arctic Clam at 5 p.m., and Distant Cousinz at 6 p.m. will be followed by Stapp, who will take the stage at 8:30 p.m.
        The following activities will also be at the event:
        •Corn hole/bags tournament;
        •Arts and crafts show;
        •Interactive obstacle course;
        •Inflatable obstacle course;
        •Bounce house;
        •Face painting;
        •Nine hole miniature golf;
        •Fireworks display at dusk.
        City Administrator Joel Mazur expects to see a big crowd.
        “This will draw people from all over the place,” said Mazur.
        “I’m passionate about how important `placemaking’ is in the world of economic development and how important events like this are to a community’s identity,” said Mazur.
        Placemaking is the practice of creating or enhancing a community’s assets to improve its overall attractiveness and livability.
         “It used to be that companies would move to different places because of logistics. But a key component that is getting bigger and bigger as a part of the importance of relocating a company is placemaking. Quality of life events are a big component as well. This event is kind of a signature event for Oregon as more and more people know about it. With a big name act, I think people will really appreciate it,” said Mazur.
        Public Service Director Paul Roman agreed.
        “It is a community event. It is well attended. It’s our Independence Day celebration. I do look forward to it. I know we received a lot of calls, especially last year. A lot of cities had returned to their Independence Day celebrations, and we didn’t. I think there is a big part of this community that looks forward to this and would like to see it again,” said Roman.
        “When I first became mayor, there were a lot of little events throughout the city,” said Seferian. “I was the bad guy and shut a lot of those down. The total cost of the events exceeded way over $50,000. I thought if we could put together an event in which a lot of people would actually attend, we would be spending the money more wisely. As long as we have a good weather day, we’re going to have a lot of people there. We’ll be at the mercy of Mother Nature.”
        Admission is free and on a first come, first serve basis. There is a $10 CASH parking fee. The public is encouraged to bring lawn chairs for the fireworks display.
        Councilman Dennis Walendzak said the reason why the event is scheduled on July 15 is because the city could not get the fireworks earlier.
        “You pay a premium on the Fourth of July weekend,” added Seferian. “So we get two to three times the number of fireworks that go off in Toledo for way less money.”


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