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Week ending April 7

Allen Township
04/05/2023 Steven D Claus and Kami L Claus to Thomas D Dillion Jr. and Joann R Dillion, 22391 West Red Clover Lane, $410,000.
Benton Township
04/06/2023 Kayla D Diefenthaler to Nicholas R Easterwood, 7177 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $150,000.
Bay Township
04/04/2023 Scott A Smith and Beate Blaich-Smith to Stephen Holbrook and Angela Holbrook, 659 Findlay Street, $291,000.
Carroll Township
04/06/2023 Herschel K Haines to Franks F Aglioti – Trustee of the Frank F Aglioti Living Trust dated April 20, 2011 and Lisa A Aglioti- Trustee of the Lisa A Aglioti Living Trust dated April 20, 2011, 6416 North Harris Harbor, $85,000.
Genoa Corp
04/06/2023 Daniel Mausser and Maggie Mausser to Kasandra Lee Lewis, 507 Cherry Street, $180,000.
Elmore Corporation
04/06/2023 Humbe9959 LLC to Carter Homan, 526 Rice Street, $155,000.
Catawba Township
04/03/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Chandon M Simonis and Windy M Lingo, 4879 Westwinds Drive, $732,950.
04/05/2023 Mary E McAtee to Diane McAtee, 1562 Ponderosa Drive, $50,000.
04/07/2023 Jason Fenos and Jessica Fenos to Todd Richard Radloff and Julie Radloff, 5341 Eats Port Drive, $300,000.
Danbury Township
04/03/2023 Albert Ramicone and Sandra K Ramicone to Sally M Bubb –Trustee of the Sally M Bubb Third Restatement of Declaration of Trust Dated May 11, 2016, 706 East 3rd Avenue, $745,000.
04/05/2023 Rollin J Grosjean to Sherrie R Patten, 7185 East Harbor Road, $260,000.
04/07/2023 David W Park to Stephen W Hilbert and Nicole T Hilbert, 2055 South Bristol Drive, $688,000.
04/05/2023 Terry R Rowbotham to Michael O’ Toole and Pauline O’Toole, 341 East Main Street, $123,333.34
04/05/2023 Claudia McDonald and Sally Rahde to Michael O’Toole and Pauline O’Toole, 341 East Main Street, $246,666.67
04/07/2023 John M Tracey to Daniel A Kiger and Daniel B Kigar, 913 Church Street, $126,000.
04/07/2023 Michael A Tracey to Daniel A Kiger and Daniel B Kiger, 913 Church Street, $126,000.
Erie Township
04/06/2023 Douglas R Franck to KSRN LLC, 6598 West Harbor Road, $1,000,000.
Port Clinton Corp
04/03/2023 Bradley and Susanne Norvell to Edwin M Hansen and Cynthia M Hansen, 224 Clinton Reef, $250,000.
04/03/2023 Mary Jones, Donna Ninke, Martha Phillips, and Margie Roberts to Shea Properties, 231 Adams Street, $79,900.
04/04/2023 Nicola Leone to Lake Erie Estates LLC, 324 West 2nd Street, $154,000.
04/06/2023 Estate of Margaret J Baughman to Iyan L Crawford, 606 Fremont Road, $78,500.
04/07/2023 Linda L Molnar to Drew Sheppard and John Ellis, 625 Laurel Avenue, $128,000.
04/07/2023 Ross M Boesch to Laurence David Brown and Amber Brown, 808 Grant Street, $260,000.
Portage Township
04/07/2023 Sim Fund I Reo LLC to Flohstx, 1009 Eats Third Street, $61,000.
Middle Bass
04/05/2023 Jack Meck and Alicia Meck to Joshua A Hupp and Jennifer L Hupp, 0 Burgundy Cove, $21,000.
Put In Bay Township
04/07/2023 Equity Trust Company fbo Paul Jeris to Equity Trust Company fbo Yana Bundrant, 1230 Tri Motor Drive Unit#2, $20,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
04/04/2023 Gregory B Hathaway to Dakota Lawrence, 365 East Water Street, $42,000.
04/05/2023 Jeffrey K Behm –Trustee of The Geraldine A Behm Trust to Donald R Meek and Kathie Meek, 121 East Ottawa Street, $180,000.


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