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Week ending March 24

Rocky Ridge
03/23/2023 Sara Webert and Adam Webert to Lynn Sabin, 877 North State Route 590, $315,000.
Carroll Township
03/20/2023 Gregory E Marunowski to Samuel M Boggs and Linda K Boggs, 6422 Teal Bend, $87,000.
03/24/2023 Kenneth D Wears (Deceased) and Betty J Wears aka Berry Jo Wears to U.S Bank National Association, 10361 West Salem Carroll, $71,501.
03/24/2023 John P Seiler to Shawn Bradbury and Gina Bradbury, 1072 North Bass Lane, $30,000.
Harris Township
03/20/2023 Gerald C Beck and Dolores A Beck- Trustees of The Beck Trust Agreement dated December 22, 1994 to Mark Edward Schultz and Kelly Lynn Schultz, 19124 West Orchard Drive, $350,000.
03/24/2023 Joan P Gilbert to Brianna N Burkett, 905 Fremont Street, $245,000.
Catawba Township
03/20/2023 Christina and Mariam Giardini and Daniel and Arlene Towarnicke to Jeffrey and Suzanne Farmer, 5235 East Blue Teal Drive, $625,000.
03/21/2023 Wendy Loriance aka Wendy Pavicic –Trustee of the Rowan Wendy Granite Trust to Jerrold C Young and Melinda S Young, 5049 Eats Blue Teal Drive, $795,000.
03/21/2023 Wayne K Kimmel and Suzanne Kimmel to Drew Untied and Amy S untied, 4355-A Marin Woods, $437,500.
03/23/2023 Catawba road Properties LLC to Timothy L Shivley and Andrea E Shivley-Trustees of the Timothy L Shively and Andrea E Shively Revocable Trust Dated April 1, 2014, 4725 Blue Heron Drive, $125,000.
03/24/2023 Sally Schoenfeld-Successor Trustee of the Robert E Reynolds Trust, 2792 East Sand Road, $545,000.
03/24/2023 Brooke M Brown and Stephanie B Brown to Cook Investments Properties LLC, 2653 East Sand Road, $850,000.
Danbury Township
03/20/2023 Grazyna M Lukuch to Marblehead Xtra Storage and Suites LLC, (6.0691 acres) State Route 163, $135,000.
03/22/2023 Mary Kuehn and Margaret Shaffer to Jeffrey W Hirt and Jessica A Hirt, (112.5910acres) Von Glahn Road, $516,000.
03/23/2023 Jerry V Cifani and Roseanne Cifani to Louisville Title Agency of Northwest Ohio Inc., 0 South Harbor Bay Drive, $90,000.
03/23/2023 Beth Deluca Successor Trustee- Jack E Peters Revocable Trust Dated May 2, 2011 to Aaron D DiBucci, 4423 East Port Clinton Eastern Road, $45,000.
03/24/2023 Four Shamrocks Enterprises LLC to Stephen John Toth and Jody L Toth, 92 Gone Fishing, $880,000.
Michael C Watson and Roberta Gibson- Watson to Jeffrey C Mason and Sharon G Mason, 421 Bay Point Boulevard, $2,228,880.
03/24/2023 Cynthia S Wachtel to Brandon Novinc and Sheila Novinc, 185 Alexander Pike, $200,000.
03/24/2023 Jeffrey S fisher and Veronika A Fisher to Thomas E Day Jr and Mary Kathryn Day, 3865 South Memorial Shoreway, $365,000.
Erie Township
03/23/2023 Thomas H Dillion and Mary Beth Dillion to Robert J Schmidt and Denise M Schmidt, 1211 West Lakeshore Drive, $562,000.
Port Clinton Corp
03/24/2023 Leonard F Longer to HG 6th Street LLC, 630 West Sixth Street, $675,000.
Portage Township
03/24/2023 Jonathon A Willis to Blake Calvert, 780 Southeast Catawba Road Units 48 and 50, $125,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
03/22/2023 4-C Investments Ltd. to Zane Enterprises LLC, 114 East Water Street, $190,000.
03/22/2023 Rebecca Warnke nka Rebecca l Madison to Daniel Warren Lander and Cynthia Marie Lander, 221 Ottawa Street, $68,000


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