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Week ending Feb. 17

Allen Township
02/15/2023 Pamela Lasher and Leroy Lasher Jr to Brad Thomas Walters, 22620 West Cedar Avenue, $160,550.
Benton Township
02/17/2023 Denis A Franklin and Cheryl A Franklin to Alan C Diefenthaler and Kimberly L Diefenthaler, 5778 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $181,500.
Rocky Ridge
02/16/2023 Randy Ruggles and Lynne Ruggles to Douglas A Opfer and Sandra K Opfer, 1052 West Street, $155,200.
Carroll Township
02/16/2023 Jerome D and Tonnie L Kuchcinski to Patrick and Theresa Dougherty, 10095 Locust Point, $170,000.
Clay Township
02/17/2023 Emily Long to Richard T Gargas Jr and Lisa L Gargas (1/2 Interest) and Chad T Gargas and Lyndsy A Gargas (1/2 Interest), 21141 West Hellwig Road, $300,000.
02/17/2023 Matthew K Bradfield Jr to Vincent Szabo, 21660 West Hellwig Road, $165,000.
Genoa Corp
02/14/2023 Estate of Marcelino K Castilleja to Martin Castilleja, 304 Washington Street, $100,000.000
02/15/2023 KAD Properties Ltd to Gail McWatters and Justin McWatters, 624 Main Street, $25,000.
Catawba Township
02/13/2023 Robert Glorioso and Anne Glorioso to Jeremy Neff and Carly Neff, 1763 Northeast Catawba Road #211, $165,000.
02/16/2023 Susan and Hans Groscost to Christine A Tibbits, 3365 Northwest Catawba Road, $269,900.
02/17/2023 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to David Rudiger, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road, $340,000.
02/17/2023 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to randy R Scherler and Karen S Scherler, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit #C-2, $178,000.
Danbury Township
02/13/2023 Barbara Bright Smith to Bonnie Bright Heikes, 325 Lynn Ave, $240,000.
02/16/2023 Michael C Loar and Janna R Loar to Douglas K and Stephanie S Thompson, 421 Elm Ave, $135,000.
02/15/2023 Cheryl L George to Edward M Wilson III and Sherry A Wilson, 410 North Lake, $170,000.
02/16/2023 William E and Margaret A Klaehn to Lori Fournier, 722 Prairie Street, $99,999.
Port Clinton Corp
02/17/2023 Karl Kopchak to Steven P Peto Jr. , 316 West Fifth Street, $139,000.
02/17/2023 The Estate of Donald K Humphrey to Raeshaundra Grant and Robert J Hensley, 1009 Jefferson, $94,000.
02/17/2023 DeeBeez LLC to Eaglebeach Enterprises LLC, 309 Hayes Avenue, $79,000.
Portage Township
02/15/2023 Genzman Enterprises of North Carolina I LLC to Thomas H Dillon and Mary Beth Dillion-Trustees of the Dillon Family Trust Dated March 23, 2016, 2313 Sand Road, $1,050,000.
Put In Bay Corp
02/13/2023 Waking on the Rocks LLC to Big Brown Dog LLC, 500 and 504 Catawba Ave, $1,215,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
02/17/2023 Nicole K Glaser to Central Colony Apartments LLC , 215 East Water Street, $132,000.


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