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Week ending Feb. 3

Bay Township
02/03/2023 Good Shepard Baptist Church DBA Safe Harbor Ministries of Port Clinton to Thomas R and Laura L Klingman, 978 Limestahl Road, $85,000.
Carroll Township
02/01/2023 Linda W Lopez to Central Colony Apartments LLC, 6483 teal Bend, $96,000.
02/01/2023 Therese V Dimke to Kevin Allen, 6658 North Earl Avenue, $20,000.
02/02/2023 Long Beach Association Inc. to Scott C St. Clair and Pamela D St. Clair, 0 California Drive, $8,000.
Harris Township
02/01/2023 Wendy Eggleston (Executrix of the Alfred L Foley Estate) to Jeffrey A Foley, 18758 West State Route 163, $37,611.29.
02/03/2023 Jeffrey S Haar to Jayson Hayes, 0 South Slemmer Portage Road, $156,000.
Elmore Corporation
01/30/2023 Michael J Glaze to Andrew J Classen, 533 Ames Street, $171,500.
Catawba Township
1/30/2023 Tamara L Emans and Mark D Emans to MDL Rentals LLC, 5271 North Point, $350,000.
02/01/2023 James R Rofkar to Mastercraft Development Inc., 0 Northwest Catawba Road, $765,000.
02/01/2023 Catawba Boat Yard Ventures LLC to James P. F. Dowling and Beverly C Dowling, 3126 Northeast Catawba Road Unit C-4, $166,800.
02/01/2023 James L Scott and Diane O Scott (Co-Trustee) to Bradley K and Susan C Norvell, 3119 North Beach Towne, $520,000.
02/03/2023 Steven C Porter to Lawrence Petruzzi, 1072 Northwest Catawba Road, $167,001.
02/03/2023 William M Taylor and Jane E Taylor to Jack N Kraszewski and Amy K Ice, 1942 West Edgerton Road, $378,500.
Danbury Township
02/01/2023 Big Ones Charters LLC to William Worley and Gayle Worley, 2060 Robert, $75,000.
02/01/2023 Kristi Lynn Samples to Robert Geiger and Tonya Geiger, 254 North Hidden Beach Drive, $147,000.
02/01/2023 The Stephen J and Sharon L Duke Living Trust Agreement to Nicole Mueller, 2060 South Ballwick Lane, $555,000.
02/01/2023 Michael E Stafford to Erik and Natalie O’ Neil, 540 Oak, $239,000.
02/03/2023 US Bank trust N.A as Trustee of the Bungalow Series IV Trust to Steven Mitchel Dougherty and Nicole L Parker, 1500 South Heritage Street, $90,000.
02/03/2023 Wanda E Kershner to Dmitri Kolychev and Evelina Kolychev, 5760 East Carl Avenue, $300,000.
02/03/2023 Richard M and Linda M Wilson to Robert C and Linda C Davidson, 2142 South Emerald Shores, $550,000.
01/30/2023 Jerold A Hartman and Victoria L Hartman to Norman James Merhaut Jr and Laura Bacci Merhaut, 11110 Lakeland Drive, $380,000.
Port Clinton Corp
02/01/2023 Mark E Coppeler and Tammy J Coppeler to Carmela Trent Ryan) Trustee of the Carmela Trent Ryan Trust dated 1/27/2023, 326 West 4th Street, $184,000.
02/03/2023 Michelle R Pfahl and Daniel J Monnin to Jeffrey A Reynolds and Julie A Lajko, 509 West Lakeshore Drive Unit C2, $259,900.
Portage Township
02/01/2023 East Ottawa Builders LLC & David L and Mary L Gill to James P Wendt and Patricia A Wendt, 0 East Harbor Road, $30,000.
Oak Harbor Corp
02/23/2023 MMC Properties Ltd to Sara and Phillip C Stockwell, 0 Water Street, $80,000.


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