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Week ending April 14

Allen Township
04/13/2023 Karen S Traver- Trustee of the Bruce D Traver and Karen S Traver Trust to Nicholas W Traver and McKenzie Hendershot Traver, 6889 North Genoa Clay Center Road, $104,000.
Benton Township
04/10/2023 Sweet Home Enterprises LLC to David Mulinix, 1725 North Oak Street, $12,500.
Carroll Township
04/14/2023 Shane M York and Taylor York to Gary M Smith and Kelly Smith, 7579 West Camp Perry Western Road, $133,000.
04/14/2023 Duane A Campbell to Dana Majka and James T Majka, 6504 North Harris Harbor Drive, $110,000.
Clay Township
04/10/2023 Nicholas T Carsten and Brittney L Carsten to Jessica Wirick and Tyler R Wirick, 23204 West Edgefield Road, $130,000.
04/14/2023 Paul W Kellogg and Vanessa D Kellogg to Stephanie R Carpenter and John N Carpenter JR, 25410 Fostoria Road, $335,000.
Catawba Township
04/10/2023 Harbor’s Edge Development II Ltd to Michelle Lyn Burkin-Trustee of the Michelle Lyn Burkin Declaration of Trust dated March 26, 2006 and Douglas Allan Burkin- Trustee of the Douglas Allan Burkin Declaration of Trust dated March 26, 2006, 4843 Westwinds, $644,808.22.
04/13/2023 Thomas J and Mary E Held (Trustees) to Thomas A Mandel-Trustee of the Thomas A Mandel Living Trust dated 12/19/2002, $1,300,000.
04/14/2023 EM 7 and 8 LLC to Anthony D Delfre- Trustee of The Anthony D Delfre Revocable Trust, 4364 East Marin Lakes Drive, $585,000.
04/14/2023 Glen S Boos-Trustee of the Glen S Boos Trust Agreement to Michael A Clark, 1673 North Windward Drive & Unit # GD-3, $325,000.
04/14/2023 Toby Applebay, William Applebay to Mary Jan Dolter to Bo Yang and Elizabeth Yang, 4700A Abbey Road,$405,000.
Danbury Township
04/10/2023 Gregory L Rosenthal and Joyce R Rosenthal to James Stahl and Cheryl Stahl, 2007 Ellsworth Drive, $100,000.
04/10/2023 Jeffrey C Mason and Shari G Mason to Jeffrey W Palese (Trustee) and Marcia Palese (Trustee), 10654 East Bayshore Unit #106, $645,000.
04/14/2023 Christopher M Malfara (Successor Trustee) to Elizabeth A Roth and Mark F Roth, 1005 Prairie Street, $320,000.
Port Clinton Corp
04/10/2023 Kenneth H Hershey to Andrew J Felter and Leslie J Felter, 0 West Lakeshore Drive, $25,000.
Portage Township
04/14/2023 Alzo LLC to Albert J Sprenger Jr and Stephanie J Sprenger, 2519 Sand Road, $750,000.
Put In Bay Corp
04/14/2023 Teri R Pierce- Successor Trustee of the Joy Urge Trust to Michael F Goebel, 451 Catawba Avenue, $600,000.


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