Ottawa County: Races, issues on Nov. 2 ballot

Larry Limpf

Ottawa County voters will see a mix of competitive and non-competitive races as well as issues on the Nov. 2 ballot.
In the circulation area of The Press in Ottawa County, races for seats on village councils are for the most part non-competitive.
In Rocky Ridge, four candidates are in the race for four seats on council: Tabitha Davis, Brenda Sue Fastinger, Tyler Sarnes and Phylis Watkins, who is a write-in candidate.
Four candidates are vying for four council seats on Clay Center council: James Clabaugh, Mark Franks, Sheila Franks, and Christopher Milliron.
Only three candidates are running for four seats in Genoa: Brent Huston, John Lewis and Thomas Spurgeon.
There is a competitive race in Elmore where five candidates are vying for four seats: Robert Babjack, Benjamin Drill, Thomas Jackson, Danny Prater and Jacob Wargacki.

Township trustee races
Allen Twp. - Craig Blausey and Dennis Hartman are vying for two seats
Benton Twp. -James Buhro and David Millinger are vying for two seats.
Carroll Twp. - Phil DeLuca, Jordan Moore and Sandra Shearon are vying for two seats.
Clay Twp. - Joseph Badger, Chad Gargas, and Joel Mann are in the race for two seats. Elaine Merx Konesky is the only candidate for fiscal officer.
Harris Twp. - Carol Baker, Donald Greenhill, II, and Beverly Haar are running for two seats.
Salem Twp. - John Humphrey, Steven Wagner, Randall Wilburn and Todd Winke are running for two seats.

School board races
Benton-Carroll-Salem - Jeffrey Dornbusch, Kim Dusseau and Jamie Tooman are vying for three seats.
Genoa - Ronald Rightnowar, Cheryl Routson and Jeffrey Trainer are vying for three seats
Woodmore –Jan Busdeker is the only candidate on the ballot for a full term. James Boss is the only candidate for a term expiring on Dec. 31, 2023.

Voters in Elmore will decide two renewal issues: a 2.5-mill levy for maintaining streets and a 3-mill levy for solid waste collection. Both issues will run for five years if renewed.
Allen Township voters decide a replacement and increase of 0.75-mill for maintaining cemeteries for five years.
A renewal levy of 0.5-mill for five years will be on the Clay Township ballot for maintaining a cemetery.
Benton-Carroll-Salem schools are seeking renewal of a 4.33-mill continuing levy for operating expenses.
The Genoa Area Local School District is asking for an additional 5.25 mills for five years for operating expenses.
The portion of the Lake Local School District in Ottawa County will have a $36 million, 37-year bond issue on the ballot that, if passed, will finance the construction of a new elementary school.


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