Ottawa Co. Habitat for Humanity of building home in Elmore

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        Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County held a groundbreaking ceremony on May 10 for its newest house build at 562 Ames St. in Elmore.
        Habitat’s Family Selection Committee is currently finishing the interview process for the partner family that will ultimately purchase this home. Among the requirements, potential homeowners must show need for the home, the ability to pay and a willingness to partner.
        The need can be anything from safety issues, inadequate size, to rising rental costs. The partner family will ultimately purchase the home at a 0% interest rate over the next 20-30 years, in addition to paying taxes and insurance. There are minimum and maximum income guidelines to qualify, and partner families must also complete 500 hours of sweat equity in building their new home. These hours can also be earned with the help of family and friends.
        The construction of the new home will begin in June, and Habitat is currently looking for volunteers and seeking donations.
        “The cost to build a new home has increased nearly 50% in the last few years,” said Debi Heiks, executive director, Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County. “Donations have lessened due to the cost in materials rising. We could really use any help we can get to keep this home affordable.”
        Pastor Becky Bolander, Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County president, talked about the mission of Habitat and what the community might see in the future. “We’re looking into opening a Habitat Restore in Ottawa County,” she said. “The income from the store will help pay for new Habitat homes in the future.”
        Habitat ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers. The items they sell are available to the public and similar to what shoppers may see in other home good stores, such as a brand-new box of tile or a vintage treasure. The purpose of Habitat ReStores is to contribute to the work of Habitat for Humanity.
        “When you support your local ReStore by shopping, donating or volunteering, you are not only supporting your local community, you’re also helping the mission to provide decent shelter to everyone around the world,” Heiks said.
        To learn more about volunteering or donating, contact Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County at 419-734-7074 or
Pastor Becky Bolander, Habitat for Humanity of Ottawa County president, offered a prayer at the groundbreaking of a new Habitat home that will be built at 562 Ames St. in Elmore. (Press photo by Ken Grosjean)


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