Oregon elementaries welcome “Inchy” book vending machines

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        Three new “Inchy’s Bookworm” vending machines have arrived in Oregon City Schools. The specially designed machines are being used by elementary teachers to reward students for good behavior, good grades and good attendance.
        Through a partnership with Toledo Refining Company (TRC) and the Oregon Schools Foundation (OSF), students in grades K-4 at Coy, Jerusalem and Starr elementary schools now have the opportunity to select their own book from the vending machines as a reward for positive behavior.
        A number of schools have PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) programs to reward students for good behavior, good citizenship and good grades; with systems in place for points and then prizes. The new book vending machines use golden tokens, which will be rewarded to students as a part of each school’s PBIS program.
        Receiving a golden token allows a student to select a book of their choice out of the vending machine, which increases student engagement and positive behavior while increasing excitement for reading.
        The interest in bringing “Inchy” excitement to students, began with Oregon’s three elementary principals. Coy Principal Amy Molnar wanted to bring the new book vending machine to her students after she saw another school in Ohio Tweet about “Inchy.” Further research convinced Molnar that this would be a great addition to her school’s incentive for good behavior.
        “’Inchy’ is a reward system that keeps on giving,” she said. “Students develop a love of reading through the excitement of those golden tokens. Students that are learning to read are reading to learn – a trickle-down effect with a positive outcome.”
        The principals presented the idea of bringing the book vending machines to each elementary school to Oregon Schools Foundation Executive Director Amy Hansen.
        “At the Foundation, we work with local businesses that invest in our students by helping us raise funds for projects such as this,” Hansen said. “I knew exactly who to reach out to for this one. The Toledo Refining Company is a leader in Oregon for investing in early childhood literacy. They have helped in other ways to get books into young people’s hands.”
        While TRC provided funding for the vending machines, the initial supply of books was provided by each school’s Parent Club.
        “Literacy skills allow students to seek out information, explore subjects, and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them which is why Toledo Refining Company is leading the way locally with support of early literacy.” said Chris Shultz, TRC community relations advisor. “We are investing in the students’ futures through these types of literacy programs, and the book vending machine was a fun way to incorporate soft skills with reading.”
        A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Jan. 24 at each school.
        To learn more about Oregon Schools Foundation, visit oregonschoolsfoundaton.org.


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