Oregon considers bid on Navarre Avenue waterline replacement

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday will vote on accepting the $2,655,145 bid of Speer Bros., Inc., Sandusky, for the Navarre Avenue Waterline Replacement Phase 1 Project.
        The city has worked with the company on previous projects and found their work to be satisfactory.
        The $3.4 million project consists of replacing an eight inch waterline along Navarre Avenue from Isaac Streets Drive to Lallendorf Road, including waterline extensions or crossovers to or along the south side of Navarre to provide better hydrant access, according to Public Service Director Paul Roman.
        “Speer Brothers was the lowest and best bid of the six bids we received,” said Roman.
        The city has received a grant and loan funding approval from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for the project in the amount of $900,000. Other funding includes $1.5 million from the Ohio EPA.
        On Aug. 27, the city received bids regarding the project. Besides Speer Bros., Inc.’s $2,655,145 bid, the following bids were submitted:
        •Salenbien Trucking and Excavating, Inc., $2,681,402.50;
       •E.R. Zeiler Excavating, Inc., $2,710,759;
        •Cash Services, LLC $2,777,684;
        •Hank’s Plumbing and Heating Company, $2,876,867;
        •Engineer’s estimate: $2,741,228.
        The project is to be substantially completed by Oct. 30, 2020 following notification by the city for the contractor to proceed. Final completion is expected by Nov. 25, 2020.
        City council on Monday will also consider entering into an agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc., Bowling Green, to provide professional engineering services during construction of the Navarre Avenue Waterline Replacement Phase 1 project at a cost of $45,156.
Traffic flow
        “How much disruption of traffic will there be?” asked Councilwoman Bihn. “Will construction be at night, during the day or both?” She also asked if there was any incentive to get it done more quickly.
        “Most of the work is outside the right of way,” said Roman. “We really want to get the waterline out from under the road. That’s the problem. So most of our work is outside all of the road. But we have a large trunk line in the middle of Navarre, and there are a few taps that will involve some traffic control for that. But there will never be a closure. You’ll see a lot of pot hole work when they’re doing valves, especially when they’re doing the lining. There will be pits throughout the area. Where they are lining, they’ll have to run an above ground waterline. We’ll pressure test it, treat it, and make sure it’s proper. But you’ll have that laying on the ground until they have the waterline lined up. So it will be busy.”
        Councilman Tim Zale asked if the existing waterline would be abandoned and not removed.  Roman said he was correct.
        “How does this affect the potential project we’re doing at the Navarre Avenue-Coy Road intersection,” Zale asked Roman. “Are we going to be doing work twice?”
        “Our plan was to do this waterline first,” said Roman, “because it’s underground work and we want to get it out of the way before we do Navarre and Coy. We’re also planning to do underground boring for the aereal crossovers and try and get all that underground work done before they do that project. So that’s what we’re going to try and do over the next year.”


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