Oregon applies for funds for waterline replacement program

Kelly J. Kaczala

       Oregon will apply for a low interest loan application to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) to help fund the Oregon Waterline Replacement Program that will improve the water distribution system on Seaman, Norden, and Wynn roads.
        City council on Monday approved plans for the city administrator to submit an application for Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) funds available through the OEPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance.
        The Waterline Replacement Program consists of replacing 16,000 feet of eight-inch waterline on Seaman Road between Wynn and North Curtice roads; replacing 3,500 feet of eight-inch waterline on Norden Road, between Corduroy Road and Wolfe Creek; and installing an additional 3,500 feet of eight-inch waterline on Norden Road to loop Norden to Navarre Avenue, according to Public Service Director Paul Roman at a council meeting on Monday.
        The project also consists of replacing 1,600 feet of eight-inch waterline on Wynn Road, between Seaman and Giverny roads, and replacing 2,600 feet of eight-inch waterline on Wynn Road between Starr Avenue and Navarre Avenue.
        “The total project cost is $3.5 million,” said Roman.
        The project will be funded with a $450,000 grant and $450,000 0% loan from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC), and a low interest loan through the OEPA.
        “We are planning to start the project in September of this year and will be completed in December, 2024,” said Roman. ”By far, this is probably one of the largest projects we ever designed in-house,” he added. “I’m very confident when I say that, but it is a big project.”
        Also at the meeting, council:
        •Approved an agreement with the Oregon Economic Development Foundation to transfer city land to the Foundation to market for future development. Oregon owned 1,451 acres of property at 5002 Seaman Road that was transferred to the Foundation. The Foundation is the economic development arm of the city.
        • Agreed to amend an ordinance on “prohibited parking areas,” to prohibit parking on both sides of Spartan Drive from Lallendorf Road to the West terminus.
        “The police department has received complaints from property owners in there,” said Roman. “They felt it would be best if the city could make it no parking on Spartan Drive.”
        “The biggest complaint that we have,’ said Assistant Police Chief Ryan Spangler, “is for the semi-truck traffic trying to get into and out of a business that is in there. With vehicles parked on both sides of the roadway, it’s very hard for them to enter into the business and get back onto Spartan Drive as well as traveling down Lallendorf to make that turn onto Spartan Drive. We’ve been out there taking some photographs and actually looking at the parking. We considered at one point restricting parking on one side but it still didn’t correct the problem of the semi-truck traffic going in and out of the business to get out on Spartan Drive.
        The ordinance is effective immediately. A traffic marquee will also be placed on the side of the road notifying the public that there is no parking there.
        •Accepted the grant application by the Oregon Police Division to the Marathon Community Investment program for $2,000 to implement a “Go Bucket” program that provides medical supplies and survival equipment necessary for emergency incidents. The “Go Buckets” will be placed in classrooms and offices in the Oregon City Schools District.
        •Accepted the bid of Midwest Contracting, Inc., Holland, for the recreation buildings project. The project consists of the construction of approximately 4,074 square feet of concession stand restroom building with shelter area. The work includes general trades, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and miscellaneous work required to complete the project.
        “We put out to bid the building of our new bathroom/concession stand and shelter area on the baseball side of our recreation complex,” said Tim Borton, commissioner of parks and recreation. Midwest bid $999,890. A.A. Boos & Sons, Oregon, bid $1,087; and The Spieker Company, Northwood, bid $1,040,000.
        “Midwest Contracting was the lowest and best bid. They’re the company that built the fire station on Wynn Road,” said Borton.
        •Entered into an agreement with Buehrer Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc., Maumee, to provide professional construction administration and inspection services for the recreation buildings project for $13,200.
        • Approved the mayor’s appointment of Tina Evans, former city council clerk, to the Civil Service Commission. Her term is a six year commitment.


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