New Oak Harbor bakery offers something for every sweet tooth

Yaneek Smith

        What tempts your sweet tooth?
        Donuts? Cake? Pie? Muffins?
        Or perhaps bagels or muffins are your weakness.
        Whatever it is, Patty Cakes Village Bake Shop in Oak Harbor has something for everyone. Enjoy your sweet fix with coffee or cappuccino.
        The shop, owned and operated by Nancy Calvert and Kelly Burnworth, is located at 114 W. Water St., is made from scratch, save for the donuts.
        The shop is named for both Calvert’s and Burnworth’s mothers, both of whom were named Patty.
         “My mother loved to bake and Kelly’s mother did as well,” said Calvert, a Port Clinton native. “We have pictures of our mothers on the wall.
        “I try to use a lot of my mother’s recipes,” she said. “I used to cook and bake growing up. I’m sure [my Mom] didn’t think her children were watching, but we were. My aunt and my mother were both cake decorators; they made these big, elaborate cakes.
        Open for a little over two months, Patty Cakes has been drawing locals looking for a sweet treat.
        “It seems like everybody wants something different – pies and cakes and cookies – we try to cater to everyone,” she said. “We try to get people most interested in our homemade items.”
        “We have our regulars who come for coffee and donuts in the morning,” Calvert said. “A lot of our following is from Lisa (White).”
        White owned the Oak Harbor Village Bake Shop, which was located in the same building. An experienced baker, White has served as something of a mentor to Calvert.
        “She had a good following of people and we asked her to come back and help us. She’s been vital to our success; she’s been a very big asset,” Calvert said.
        “She has taught us a lot. My family and friends, her family and friends, everybody has been able to chip in and come help. It’s been awesome,” she said.
        “Together, we’ll make it the best darned bakery we can make it,” she added.
        “I would just like to thank the community for welcoming us in the way that they have and for making us feel at home. It’s been great. We couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Calvert said.
        Thus far, Calvert says that things have been pretty busy, particularly with graduation season in full swing.
        “My schedule pretty much varies. People have parties and get-togethers towards the end of the week. Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest time,” she said. “We usually get here at about 5 a.m. and the bakery opens at 6 a.m. We’re here until the job is done, until we get a free spot where we can get up and leave. Then we get up and start all over the next day.”
        Patty Cakes is open six days a week, Monday-Friday from 6 a.m.-2 p.m. and on Saturday from 6 a.m.-noon. Calvert can be reached at 419-341-3972 or by email at


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