Local business featured on new A&E Network series

Larry Limpf

Local business featured on new A&E Network series
A Millbury reselling business will be among several such merchandisers to be featured on a new series on the A&E Network.
Chuck Popovich, owner of Bricks to Clicks, located on Woodville Road, said he opened the business nearly four years ago after deciding to leave a successful career in retailing.
“Everyone thought I was crazy, walking away from a six-figure salary to pursue this. But you get one life. This is my dream and my gift. I need to pursue this to see how high is high,” he said.
The series, “Extreme Unboxing”, premiers Aug. 4 at 10 p.m. on the network and follows Popovich and others across the country as they purchase liquidated merchandise for pennies on the dollar, hoping for outsized profits in the resale market.
Scouring the Internet and risking their money to bid on overstock and discounted merchandise, the resellers dig through pallets of boxes not knowing whether they will find retail gold or retail refuse.
“With items ranging from everyday store stock to the weird and wacky, this modern-day treasure hunt is filled with surprises as no one, including the buyers themselves, have any idea what will be inside,” an A&E press release says.
In addition to Popovich’s business, the series follows resellers in Michigan, New York, Arkansas, California and others.
Popovich, a Genoa resident, started buying and selling liquidated merchandise from his basement before moving the business in 2017 to an unassuming 7,000-square-foot warehouse that he and Chris Clay, an employee, have dubbed “The Bunker.” An A&E crew filmed at Bricks to Clicks last summer, he said.
He started a Bricks to Clicks store page on Facebook that has links to eBay and Amazon. Prospective shoppers can also subscribe for free to his YouTube channel where he records much of the unpacking of his shipments.
The warehouse is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and Popovich says the merchandise is 40-60 percent lower than the retail price.
“The majority of the stuff we get in is brand new. It’s overstock, discontinued, clearance merchandise,” he said. “We also ship pallets out nationwide to buyers and other retailers. We normally get a semi-truck in each week and break the deliveries down and then ship out to others.”
A brief biography about Bricks to Clicks on the A&E website says it falls on Chris to prevent Chuck from overspending; a task that is “easier said than done.”


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