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We need to find
common ground
To the editor: I am writing to several people today due to my concern about the animosity and divisiveness in our country today. We are one country. We need each other. We need to find common ground and respect each other’s views.
Hence, left needs right and right needs left. I want to share a few metaphors to illustrate my point. As a person in a “body” your left hand needs your right; your right hand needs your left hand. When both hands work together, we accomplish so much more like swinging on a swing, swimming, playing sports, driving, praying, reading a book, carrying heavy loads, hugging our children, grandchildren, spouses, significant others, family etc. When one is injured the other has to help and compensate so the hands can continue to be productive. An example of this is a cerebrovascular accident stroke. If the left side of the body is affected the right-side pitches in to help stabilize the left and likewise if the right side is affected the left side comes to its aid. Each side cares for each other. You can say the same for all extremities, two sides of our brain, our eyes and ears no matter the cause of injury. They see their commonality and work for each other’s good.
Left needs right and rights needs left in other ways. I’d hate to miss part of the Bible, part of the Grant and Hamilton narratives, part of The Giving Tree, part of any favorite tale that we can’t put down and those yet to be written for which we wait for publication.
My final analogy, a river, a stream, a lake or an ocean must have a left bank, a right bank working together so the water can flow and stay in its path of travel. Imagine not being able to fish, go boating, kayaking, swimming, sitting on either bank watching the eagles, the dolphins, the whales, the baby ducks follow their mother into the water for the first times, all forms of wildlife; the sun rise and set.
The beautiful intense colors that rise in the morning and set in the evening. A work of art each time. Imagine all the family memories never to be created without a left and right bank.
Respect and collaboration, looking out for each other; I believe we need this now more than ever in this climate of us versus them. We are one country. We have the right to our beliefs, but we also have the responsibility to respect and understand the views of those who differ with us. We can be civil and focus on what binds us together instead of tearing each other down by negative rhetoric.
We can focus on issues that are common to all Americans; love of family, decent education for all, caring for the elderly, helping our neighbor, driving safely, respecting the law, love of country and others that you can add to the list.
I implore you to be critical thinkers and not be trapped by blind ideology. I ask you to see both sides in the truth not lies and rumors, not internet blogs that spew hate and discord, I ask you to seek your higher selves and not descend into the mud. Mud only gets you dirty. It breaks my heart to see the deep divisions in this country hence this appeal for understanding and civility.
We are the United States of America and we stand together.
Kathy Varga

Gun propaganda
To the editor: It’s a shame there is so much propaganda now taking place after Republicans have bought up and control most of the media. In a free society there is a smorgasbord of ideas which we no longer have in the U.S. thanks to Republicans.
Thomas Knapp, director and senior news analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, is an example.
His NRA sponsored defense of gun rights in a recent column is filled with propaganda. He cites a passage saying all citizens have a right to have a gun. This goes against the Constitution which states before that passage a well regulated militia being necessary, all citizens shall not have their gun rights infringed.
The courts, when they were previously rational, ruled the National Guard was our militia.
Knapp goes into history, saying America always had guns, True, when we were stealing land from the Indians and had nations invading and there was no standing army. Facts he neglected to mention.
Now the only reason for guns is when the radical right wants to destroy democracy as Trump tried to do.
More and more shootings take place daily because Republicans have made guns available to any psycho or drug addict.
Look at the news in Toledo where a daily shooting takes place or the many massacres around the country.
Do you really feel safer knowing anyone can carry a gun and probably does?
How many cases of road rage or angry arguments result in shootings? The U.S. has more guns than anywhere in the world and a higher prison population thanks to Republicans Yet other countries are safer.
Albert Kapustar


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