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Caution urged in
petition issue
To the editor: There are petitions being circulated around the state and we may be asked to sign.
It is called the “Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety.”
There is more in this amendment than what its title leads you to believe.
The Bible says God knew you at conception; thus you are someone.
To have an abortion is to kill someone. So I ask you to think and pray deeply before you sign a petition.
Rufus Wallace

A hat tip to
sanitary workers
To the editor: As former honorary mayor and enduring ambassador for the great little town of Curtice Ohio, I unapologetically take the liberty of bestowing unprecedented acknowledgement and honor upon a mostly disregarded, though highly essential segment of our labor workforce.
With utmost sincerity I do hereby proclaim the summer of 2023 as Portable Public Sanitary Facility Technician (PPSFT) Awareness Season. I endeavor to cast recognition upon the hardworking professionals who efficiently, tirelessly, and thanklessly fulfill their duties, so that we may perform ours. These assiduous individuals confront their challenges in relative obscurity, receiving recognition only when excessive public usage has exceeded the capacity of the facilities which they are tasked to maintain.
The dedicated PPSFTs who diligently service these facilities strive to provide a clean and sanitary environment for the public’s convenience and constitutional relief. Without them we are all figuratively up a creek without a paddle, when nature calls, while pursuing outdoor recreational activities.
PPSFTs faithfully perform their tasks regardless of acknowledgement, while often enduring perilous hindrances and pitfalls deposited by iniquitous individuals with a propensity for malicious intent. This disrupts the normal flow of business, leaving the facilities soiled and defaced, becoming unfit for public usage. These blatant, malevolent actions interfere with the indomitable efforts of PPSFTs to provide sufficient facilities in sanitary and healthful conditions for the public’s convenience. Consequently, this casts an unmerited shadow upon the heroic efforts of these PPSFTs.
So, on behalf of all PPSFTs and ultimately toward the promotion of public health and safety, I do fervently encourage our legislature to consider the establishment of regulations regarding this crucial aspect of public health and safety. I would further advocate for the organization and representation of
all PPSF professionals to help ensure worker safety and proper training, to provide adequate compensation toward the retention of skilled qualified technicians, and also to attract future
I am confident that the implementation of these warranted recommendations would protect the health, safety, and well-being of the public. The end results I believe would ensure a significant outcome while granting the public a much safer and more secure experience while utilizing any PPSF.
Randolph J. Kania
Honorary Mayor of Curtice


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