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Lamenting the
lobby system
To the editor: How many of our “big time” politicians come into office with a minimal savings account and leave office years later with very large bank accounts?
It’s not from their paychecks. Perhaps it’s reward money from the lobby system our government allows.
It makes you wonder if George Washington benefited from such an evil system. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.
Taxpayers will never know.
Larry Erard

Waterline cost
worth it?
To the editor: The village of Elmore has been planning on putting in a waterline linked to the Ottawa County water distribution system.
The water line will cost taxpayers an additional $4 million. Our country is already about $140 trillion in debt. When the national debt was $27 trillion that was about $90 thousand for every man woman and child in this country.
Where do you folks think the money is coming from? We have to stop this kind of spending.
I would be perfectly willing to pay the town $12 more a month to keep Elmore water.
Right now spring water costs $2.69 a gallon at the store. Just think if you drink 1/2 gallon a day, that’s $1.34x30 = $40.20 a month.
I’ve heard that in Oak Harbor the water tastes terrible. The town of Genoa has boil advisories.
Folks in Elmore, do you really want this?
Chris Dietrich


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