Gretchen Marie Thomas

Gretchen Marie Thomas, 61, passed on August 19, 2021 in Wood County. Being well known for her Green Thumb, she could masterfully nurture an entire greenhouse, grew homegrown produce to cook and preserve, and dutifully tended the bay window at home with African Violets and shamrocks for family to enjoy while under her care. Her passion for climate advocacy and sustainable living will likely remain the brightest reminders of her legacy. She championed local business, goods "Made in USA", and was a regular patron of small farm products across Ohio. She was progressive beyond her years. Encouraged strong ethics where needed, keeping plenty of time open to read and find new inspiration. Born September 28, 1959, she was raised in E. Toledo by parents Bill and "Betty" Jane (Donahue) Thomas.
She left this world suddenly, dearly missed by those surviving her in life; siblings, Rebecca and David (Denise) Thomas; children, Jeff and Ashley (Reichert), Susannah (Wells); grandchildren, Kira, Owen, and Ian (Reichert).


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