Grant applications to be reviewed

Larry Limpf

Seven municipalities in Wood County have applied for Community Development Block Grant funding in the latest program year.
Dave Steiner, director of the Wood County Planning Commission, said a meeting of the commission is scheduled for June 2 at 5:30 p.m. to review the applications.
Applying for funds are:
-Village of Walbridge for repairing and upgrading the parking lot at the branch library. The request is for $82,000.
-City of Northwood for installing 8,800 square feet of new sidewalk in the Maryland Place subdivision. The request is for $82,000.
- City of Rossford for installing steps in the sidewalks along Glenwood Road at the intersection of Beech Street. The request is for $21,000.
-Village of Portage to replace 13,300 square feet of sidewalk along Findlay Pike. The request is for $82,000.
-Village of Custar to replace 635 feet of roadway. The request is for $59,570.
-Village of Bradner to re-coat the village water tower. The request is for $82,000.
-Village of Bloomdale to install 7,200 square feet of new asphalt at the village hall. The request is for $46,673.
Wood County will be limited to undertaking four projects, the same as the last two rounds of funding.
This year’s allocation for the county is estimated to be about $185,000, Steiner said, adding the deadline for the county to submit applications to the state is June 17.
Those attending the commission meeting will be required to follow social distancing rules and wear face masks when in the courthouse complex.
To be considered for CDBG funding, projects must be designed to primarily benefit low and moderate income persons, aid in the elimination of slum or blight conditions or address an urgent need such as tornado or flood damage.
The planning commission held a teleconference May 18 for prospective applicants to report on the needs of their communities.


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