Explore Science of Guinness World Records at Imagination Station

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        How does one develop the ability to do 36 consecutive pull-ups, using only his or her pinky fingers?
        What does it take for someone to create the world’s smallest stop motion film?
        What possesses someone to learn how to solve not one but three Rubik’s Cubes simultaneously?
        Find the answers in the newest traveling exhibition to open at Imagination Station, “The Science of Guinness World Records.”
        The exhibition, which runs through Jan. 16, 2023, is free with admission or membership to the science center.
        “The Science of Guinness World Records” will leave visitors astonished as they discover exactly what goes into accomplishing the seemingly impossible.
        Discover the shocking science behind the most drum beats in 60 seconds (2100+) or the world’s fastest human reflexes. Learn all of the secrets and then try it for yourself.
        “What we’re hoping to do with ‘The Science of Guinness World Records’ is to show people that as shocking as these accomplishments are, it’s not magic – it’s science,” said John Corcoran, director, Traveling Shows & Guinness World Records Attraction Development. “If one person can achieve the incredible, so can you. We want to inspire people of all ages to throw out their limiting beliefs and push themselves to achieve what the world tells them is impossible.”
        Throughout its time at Imagination Station, visitors will get a chance to meet local record holders and get the chance to help the science center break its own record.
        Imagination Station is located at 1 Discovery Way, Toledo. For more information, visit imaginationstationtoledo.com or call 419-244-2674.
        The Science of Guinness World Records is a production of Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and in partnership with Ripley Entertainment Inc. and Guinness World Records.


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