Air rifle competition open

Ashley Brugnone

The 2019-2020 JROTC Three-Position Postal Competition, held at Camp Perry, officially opened registration Sept. 25 for young cadets in Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force JROTC programs who are interested in competing in a three-position air rifle match with other talented juniors across the nation.
        The Postal event is the first stage of the JROTC Nationals series of matches, continuing on with the Regional Service Championships before concluding with the National competition for qualifying athletes.
        The JROTC National event is conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) using the organization’s own electronic targets installed on ranges stationed in Ohio and Alabama, as well as on a mobile electronic range capable of being assembled at locations around the country.
        To compete, registered sporter and precision air rifle participants will each receive three targets and instructions for recording scores. Shooters will fire in each of the three positions (prone, standing, kneeling) at their home ranges – using one target for each position. Once record shots are fired, shooters will return the targets to CMP for scoring.
        CMP staff members will verify scores using the Orion Visual Image Scoring system. Results will be posted within Competition Tracker ( for teams and individuals to check during the postal season.
        Online registration ends on Nov. 14, targets must be received for scoring by Dec. 11, preliminary results will be posted on Dec. 15 and all scores are final at 8 a.m. on Dec. 17.
        Top scorers of the Postal competition will qualify for Regionals, which will be held in February at three locations: Anniston, Ala.; Camp Perry; and Chandler, Ariz. Nationals will follow in March at Camp Perry for all service branches. (— Ashley Brugnone/CMP Writer)


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