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A few months ago, Woodville resident Kristin Allen approached Mayor Rich Harman with the idea of having an ice skating rink in the village. Mayor Harman then took the idea to village council and it unanimously approved.

A committee was formed to take on the responsibility of fundraising, making rules for the rink, providing refreshments, maintenance and building the rink.

Mayor Harman suggested the best place for the rink would be on the tennis court at Trail Marker Park, which is next to a shelter house with a fireplace. Additionally there is a restroom located across the street.

So many volunteered to assist with construction that the rink was completed in just six hours.

It’s open to the public and there is no charge to skate, but donations for food and skating are accepted.

Al Thompson left Northwest Ohio on August 17 on a bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States in an effort to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children.

Here is an excerpt from his blog, which you can follow by going to presspublications.com and clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Greetings from Luling, Texas, 70 miles northeast of San Antonio,

The Lone Star State is big…make no mistake about that. I feel like I’ve been putting on some long miles--about 56 today, and two days ago a 65 mile day with a pesky side wind. And still--about 680 miles to El Paso on the Texas/New Mexico border. But let’s not think about that.

Several area residents were honored at the East Toledo Family Center’s Annual Meeting and Recognition Night held Jan. 27.

Honorees included:
• Andrea Marin and Betsy Ujvagi received the Board of Trustee Award for six years of service on the board.

• Matt Grimes received the Dorie Steinmetz Memorial Community Service Award, given annually to an individual who best exemplifies the volunteerism and community service shown by Steinmetz, a former board member.

• Tom Birie received the Senior Director’s Award, created in honor of the East Toledo Senior Activities Center’s first director, Nancy Gernheuser, who retired in 1997.

The Northwood Local Schools District is looking into the feasibility of hiring a school resource officer (SRO) to make the rounds of the school buildings.

The district previously had an SRO that was funded by the city, but the position was cut from the budget, along with many other expenses, after the Great Recession in 2008.

Superintendent Greg Clark said he has had discussions with city officials to reinstate an SRO. This time, the school district would pay for part of the costs if there is support by the school board and city council.

“We’ve had ongoing discussions with the city for a number of years on that topic,” said Clark.

An SRO, he said, not only protects the students and staff, but also prevents problems from arising.

Clay High School has opened its doors to Oregon residents interested in looking for a warm place to walk in the winter.

Oregon City Schools Superintendent Hal Gregory said at a school board meeting on Jan. 27 that the school will be open a few days per week in the afternoon for walkers.

“They can walk the halls, especially in the winter months when it’s really, really cold,” he said. “With the Woodville Mall closing down, there really aren’t a lot of places where people who want to walk inside can walk inside.”

Gregory thanked Carol Molnar, school board president, for coming up with the idea, and James Jurski, principal at Clay High School, for putting it together.

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