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Lt. Commander Vidal Valentin, commanding officer of navy Operational Support Center Toledo, warned local veterans and members of the East Toledo Club to be careful not to “dote” too much on our returning soldiers from Afghanistan for fear of creating another “victim” class.

Valentin made his comments at the 81st annual flag raising and free breakfast provided by the club on Memorial Day to remember the sacrifice of our soldiers. This year’s event was held at the Christ Dunberger Post in Oregon.


The Harbor View Historical Society was to hold a Celebration of Life and Memorial Picnic to honor Dr. Gary L. Cashin on Sunday, June 1 from 1-4 the Harbor View Historical Society Museum at 2083 Autokee St in Oregon.

Dr. Gary Cashin

Dr. Cashin, 70, died on February 24, 2014 after a three-year battle with various forms of cancer.
But during his life, Dr. Cashin left his mark working not only with the Harbor View Historical
Society, but also as a scout leader with the Boy Scouts of America (1973-2014), a tutor with the
Anthony Wayne School District, and as a business leader (1980-2014).

Eighteen-year-old Oregon resident Paul Cox III has a plan — to spend a lifetime studying, working and traveling the Great Lakes.

So far, he has stayed on course.

Mowing season isn’t even in full swing and some village officials are fed up with some property owners’ lack of maintenance responsibility.

“I have just one thing to say to these property owners: “Mow your lawns,” Genoa Village Administrator Kevin Gladden said.

Oregon officials have for years discussed the possibility of developing a marina for public access to Maumee Bay and Lake Erie. The prospect was raised again at a recent council meeting by Councilwoman Kathleen Pollauf.

“I had so many people this weekend inquiring why Oregon doesn’t have a marina,” said Pollauf. “I know we have very limited space on the water, and I know there’s little property available, we don’t have a huge space. If someone would develop something, I would be completely for that.”

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