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New construction, resurfacing and drainage projects were among the highlights of Northwood Mayor Ed Schimmel’s first State of the City address, though he noted that challenges lay ahead.

“We begin the year with a positive general fund carryover,” said Schimmel. “We have approved a balanced 2016 budget totaling $4,751,100 and we project our 2016 general fund revenue to total $4,697,956.”

Income tax collections last year were down by 5.5 percent from 2014, while total General Fund Expenditures increased by $380,904 or 8.2 percent.

A former employee of Midwest Terminals of Toledo International, Inc. is entitled to unemployment compensation benefits after being dismissed without just cause, the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals has ruled, affirming decisions by a lower court and the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.

Otis Brown had worked as a skilled laborer at Midwest Terminals for 12 years and was fired in October 2013 for violating the company’s equipment abuse and misuse policy. The company claimed he improperly rode the brakes of an end loader throughout his 12-hour shift, causing damages of more than $24,000.

Brown filed for unemployment benefits and a hearing was held before a UCRC hearing officer in February 2014. The commission found that Brown provided more credible firsthand sworn testimony.

It wasn't anything like the water crisis that faced Toledo and the surrounding area in August 2014, but the Village of Oak Harbor was without drinking water Jan. 29.

A computer malfunction that was caused by hardware burning out resulted in a boil advisory for the village. Communication between the village and the Regional Water Treatment Plant was disrupted, causing the treatment center to stop sending water to Oak Harbor.

"Somewhere through the night, Friday morning, we had a computer malfunction. That stopped communication between the village and the regional water plant after the hardware burned out, and the regional water plant didn't see that our water towers were empty," said Mayor Joe Helle. "We didn't receive water, and we started losing pressure in the village; we started becoming aware of the situation because of calls from the residents."

A few months ago, Woodville resident Kristin Allen approached Mayor Rich Harman with the idea of having an ice skating rink in the village. Mayor Harman then took the idea to village council and it unanimously approved.

A committee was formed to take on the responsibility of fundraising, making rules for the rink, providing refreshments, maintenance and building the rink.

Mayor Harman suggested the best place for the rink would be on the tennis court at Trail Marker Park, which is next to a shelter house with a fireplace. Additionally there is a restroom located across the street.

So many volunteered to assist with construction that the rink was completed in just six hours.

It’s open to the public and there is no charge to skate, but donations for food and skating are accepted.

Al Thompson left Northwest Ohio on August 17 on a bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States in an effort to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children.

Here is an excerpt from his blog, which you can follow by going to presspublications.com and clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Greetings from Luling, Texas, 70 miles northeast of San Antonio,

The Lone Star State is big…make no mistake about that. I feel like I’ve been putting on some long miles--about 56 today, and two days ago a 65 mile day with a pesky side wind. And still--about 680 miles to El Paso on the Texas/New Mexico border. But let’s not think about that.

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