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Oregon officials defended their great city in the wake of recently being ranked as the 10th most boring city in Ohio by Movoto, a residential real estate blog.

Lindsay Myers, executive director of the Oregon on the Bay Regional Economic Development Foundation, said she “was a little miffed” when she read the blog.

“I’d rather be on a boring list than on a terrible place to live [list],” she said.

The Toledo Area Humane Society (TAHS) is looking for volunteers to foster kittens, which fill up the facility each summer.

Danielle Marie Jones, director of marketing & development at the TAHS, said over 50 kittens need fostering right away.

“Summer is always the very busiest time of the year for kittens,” she said. “Over the summer, we can have 250 or more in foster care at one time.”

A man charged with two counts of attempted burglary of the home owned by State Rep. Chris Redfern has entered an Alford plea to one count in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court.

Under the plea agreement, Alexander Reitzel, 19, Catawba Island Township, withdrew his not guilty plea but doesn’t admit committing the offense.

Can a road trip through two states be a realistic expectation for an electric auto?

A lot more is possible with an electric car than what many realize, says Oregon resident Michael Hall.

Hall is president of the recently formed Electric Auto Association of Northwest Ohio, founded in January. The EAANO is a local chapter of the national organization named Electric Auto Association. The EAA was formed in 1967 and is now based in Aptos, California.

The Northwestern Water and Sewer District has sent drinking water notices to users in the eastern portion of the City of Northwood and in Lake Township, including the Village of Millbury.

Simon Gundy, assistant superintendent of the district, said the notices were issued to about 2,800 consumers who receive water from the same distribution line.

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