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An improving economy may be making it harder for Ottawa County officials to get improvements at the Genoa Senior Center completed.

After not receiving any contract bids on Aug. 18, the county commissioners have scheduled a second bid opening date for a project to upgrade the building that houses the senior center.

The commissioners recently approved an opening date of Sept. 15 at 2 p.m.

Mark Messa, director of the Regional Planning Commission, recommended the second bid opening.

“Everybody’s busy right now,” Messa said Thursday. “The (county) engineer’s office, private contractors are all having trouble getting projects bid out because a lot of the local contractors that do these smaller jobs are absolutely slammed.”

Oregon City Council last week approved the purchase of two 2016 Ford Utility Police Interceptor vehicles from Mathews Ford for the Police Division to replace two vehicles damaged by the weather this summer.

Due to the recent flooding, an insurance settlement of $21,955.50 was accepted on the total loss of two Ford Focus police vehicles, according to Mayor Mike Seferian.

“We lost two vehicles in the flood,” he said. “These will replace those vehicles.”

The police division will continue to replace its fleet with SUVs, he added.

Mathews Ford’s quote for the two vehicles was $63,640, reduced to a final cost of $51,660 due to an $11,980 credit. Although Lebanon Ford, of Lebanon, Ohio, provided a quote $1,000 cheaper at $50,666, council preferred doing business with the local vendor.

Oregon City Council on Monday approved levying special assessments for the repair and reconstruction of certain sidewalks last year.

The special assessments for the cost and expense of the repair and reconstruction of sidewalks in designated areas in Oregon total $23,749.88.

Mayor Mike Seferian said property owners had so much time to pay for the repairs.

“If it’s not made within a certain time, then we will assess the property,” he said.

The special assessment against each lot or parcel is payable in full within 60 days after passage of an ordinance on the repair and reconstruction of sidewalks last July 28. Property owners have the option to pay in four semi-annual installments with an interest rate of 3.5 percent per year. Special assessments remaining unpaid are placed on the tax duplicate and collected as real estate taxes are collected.

A new employment agreement for the superintendent of the Woodmore Local School District has drawn the ire of a member of the school board who contends the document was enacted improperly.

Reading a prepared statement, Joe Liszak said Tuesday he had no knowledge until recently of a contract apparently drawn up this past June that sets the annual salary of Superintendent Linda Bringman at $102,003.

Her prior contract that was approved by the board Aug. 19, 2014 didn’t stipulate a salary. “To be determined” is written where the contract would list an amount.

Start and expiration dates for both agreements are the same: Aug. 1, 2015 to July 30, 2018. Prior to that, Bringman had a contract that began July 1, 2012 and expired June 30 of this year. Her salary was $99,500.

Talented marksman, Ted James, 36, of Woodville, was the overall winner of the Tactical Class during the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Rimfire Sporter Match – recently held during the 2015 National Matches at Camp Perry. James bested a field of 65 competitors in the class that helped make up a group of over 300 participants overall.

During the match, held on Aug. 1, competitors fire .22 Rimfire Sporter rifles in three different classes: O-Class (open sights), T-Class (scoped) and Tactical. Fired at 50 and 25 yards in six stages, the event is perfect for introducing new marksmen to the realm of competitive shooting as well as uniquely challenging experienced shooters.

In the Tactical Class, James fired an outstanding score of 596-37x (37 center shots) out of a possible 600 points. The score was a new National Record for the Rimfire Sporter Match – not bad considering this was James’s first year competing in the Tactical Class.

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