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The Northwood Local Schools District is looking into the feasibility of hiring a school resource officer (SRO) to make the rounds of the school buildings.

The district previously had an SRO that was funded by the city, but the position was cut from the budget, along with many other expenses, after the Great Recession in 2008.

Superintendent Greg Clark said he has had discussions with city officials to reinstate an SRO. This time, the school district would pay for part of the costs if there is support by the school board and city council.

“We’ve had ongoing discussions with the city for a number of years on that topic,” said Clark.

An SRO, he said, not only protects the students and staff, but also prevents problems from arising.

Clay High School has opened its doors to Oregon residents interested in looking for a warm place to walk in the winter.

Oregon City Schools Superintendent Hal Gregory said at a school board meeting on Jan. 27 that the school will be open a few days per week in the afternoon for walkers.

“They can walk the halls, especially in the winter months when it’s really, really cold,” he said. “With the Woodville Mall closing down, there really aren’t a lot of places where people who want to walk inside can walk inside.”

Gregory thanked Carol Molnar, school board president, for coming up with the idea, and James Jurski, principal at Clay High School, for putting it together.

A decade of boating stewardship was recognized by the Ohio Clean Marinas Program, a partnership among the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), the Ohio Sea Grant College Program and Lake Erie Marine Trades Association (LEMTA), at the annual Progressive Mid-American Boat Show being held at the I-X Center in Cleveland this month.

A ceremony was held on Jan. 14, on the Fish School stage to recognize marinas for their commitment to protecting and enhancing our freshwater resources.

One Ottawa County marina, Marina Del Isle (Skipper Buds in Marblehead), achieved Certified Ohio Clean Marinas status for 10-years or longer and newly certified/recertified marinas will be recognized during the ceremony which acknowledges successes and looks forward at opportunities to reach additional marinas and boaters. Those opportunities were made possible through the June 2015 expansion of both the Ohio Clean Marinas and Ohio Clean Boater programs statewide to include the Ohio River Watershed.

Dates have been released for the 2016 GSM Master Instructor Courses at Camp Perry.

Experienced rifle marksmanship instructors and shooters who would like to receive advanced training to bring even more opportunities to his or her home shooting club is strongly encouraged to become a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Master Instructor through one of the many courses offered each year. At Camp Perry, the course will be Feb. 27-28.

The two-day certification program equips and declares “Master Instructors” – qualified to teach specific marksmanship instructional topics using training material and curricula developed and provided by the CMP. Garand-Springfield-Military (GSM) Rifle Master Instructors are trained to teach and organize G-S-M Rifle or Rimfire Sporter Clinics.

Two music teachers who are considered local legends at Eastwood Schools, Lawrence J. McCormic and Mark Deerwester, or “Mr. Mac” and “Mr. D”, are being inducted into the district’s Eagle Way Hall of Fame.

Both were nominated by James Opelt, a former Pemberville mayor and currently a village councilman, who also has a long history as a theater instructor and music teacher and is an Eastwood graduate. Both are being inducted posthumously.

Opelt says the two are credited for co-writing the Eastwood High School Alma Mater and Fight Song. Eastwood’s Fight Song, unlike most other schools, is uniquely written and not a copy-cat of the Ohio State, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, or any other well-known fight song.

Commissioned by the Class of 1966, the Swingin’ Ez and a selected group of band members presented the Fight Song before a student body assembly on Friday, May 20, 1966 to a grateful and appreciative audience.

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