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With interest rates hovering near historic lows, the Lake school board is once again reviewing its options for saving money by refinancing the bonds issued to pay for the construction of the middle school building.

The district issued bonds in 2001 for the construction of the school after voters approved a levy that generated about $14.8 million. The new school replaced a 78-year-old building used for a junior high school.

When the district refinanced the bond issue in 2007, it saved a little more than $1 million, Jeff Carpenter, district treasurer, said last week.

Now, Carpenter and the board are weighing their options to again find additional savings.

Al Thompson left Northwest Ohio on August 17 on a bicycle ride around the perimeter of the United States in an effort to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children.

Here is an excerpt from his blog, which you can follow by going to presspublications.com and clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Greetings Folks -

The Woodmore school board is offering to meet with representatives of the teachers union to discuss the union’s recent vote of no confidence in district treasurer, Jaime Pearson, but board members have affirmed their support for Pearson.

A March 16 letter from the Woodmore Education Association to the board cites several concerns that teachers have had with the treasurer’s office, including:

• “Past and present issues with payroll, contracts, supplemental contracts, personnel files and sick days.”

• “Issues with purchase orders and fee money.”

• “The flow of information from the treasurer’s office has frequently been inaccurate and contradictory and continues to cause undue stress and time commitments from the membership.”

Can science, grounded in physical theory and proof, coexist with religion, Christianity, which is grounded in faith?

If you ask Jeffrey Kirkbride, of Pemberville, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Jeffrey Kirkbride

“We can’t prove God scientifically, but there are evidences of God,” Kirkbride said. “A lot of pastors are suspicious of science. People, evangelists, are angered by the basic things, theories in science. The scientists I have worked with ridicule people of faith. I feel that we need someone to build bridges between science and the church.”

A 1972 Eastwood High School graduate, Kirkbride worked in a factory in Luckey for one year before attending Bowling Green State University. He then went to Ohio University, in Athens, earning his bachelor of science degree in physics.

The Ohio Controlling Board last week released $243,577 in state funds to the Department of Natural Resources to fund safety improvements to Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon.

The project includes replacing the park’s old underground storage tanks after 25 years of service.

“The park’s fuel tanks have been regarded as hazardous by the EPA for years and are in dire need of replacement,” said State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon). “By making these necessary changes, I believe we are honoring our responsibility to sustain the safety of our state parks for future generations of visitors to enjoy.”

Sheehy said the funds were earmarked in the state’s budget.

“It’s a capital improvement that has to be done,” said Sheehy.

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