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Julia L. “Jewel” Bedford played semi-professional football for the Toledo Spitfire, umpired and played softball, and was often seen at area festivals.

Her life came to an end Monday, September 8, allegedly at the hands of her significant other.

Bedford was fatally stabbed by her housemate of 20 years, Larry Adler, Walbridge police believe. The couple resided at 209 Grove Street along with her 17-year-old son.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry plans to hold a demonstration walk Sept. 20 in Northwood in protest of what the organization says was poor treatment of one of its members by city police.

The walk is scheduled for noon at Central Park.

The group claims one of its members, Edwin Farbrother, was harassed by police officers July 5 while he was at a Woodville Road ice cream shop with his 18-year-old daughter.

Rocky Ridge Village Council last week accepted the resignations of Brenda Goetz, clerk-treasurer, and her husband Norbert Goetz, zoning inspector.

Both resignations are effective Sept. 30.

No reasons were given in a letter the couple presented last week to council, according to a prepared statement by the village.

Councilmembers approved a recommendation by Solicitor Bruce Winters to pass an ordinance that changes the clerk-treasurer position from an elected position to that of fiscal officer, which will be filled by appointment.

The Ohio Special Olympics program director was so impressed by Oregon’s efforts to host the state softball tournament that he expects the event to return to the “City by the Bay” in 2009.

“We thought everything went really well and hope to return to Oregon in 2009,” Director Martin S. Allen said. “We had very many positive comments from the athletes and the coaches, families who know us and stopped by to say ‘Hi’ and everybody loved the facilities and the people up there in Oregon.”

Mayor Marge Brown exclaimed, “I don’t know how we can top what we did this year.”

Friends and family of Julia “Jewel” Bedford, 41, was easy to get along with. Their “Jewel” was a homicide victim in Walbridge Monday.

When commotion arose at their home, many were surprised despite the fact they said her significant other, Larry Adler, 61, had a history of alcohol abuse.

“We were home. We heard the commotion — sirens and such,” said Marianne Schwamberger, who lives directly across the street with husband Matt Schwamberger.   

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