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AKRON - With the arrival of winter, FirstEnergy Corp.’s Ohio electric utility operating companies – Ohio Edison, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison – are reminding customers that numerous payment programs are available to provide assistance during the winter heating season.

“We know that some of our 2.1 million customers in Ohio have trouble paying their bills sometime, including their electric bill,” said James M. Murray, president, Ohio Operations for FirstEnergy. “Rather than accumulate a large unpaid balance, we ask customers who are falling behind to contact us as soon as possible to find out what payment assistance programs are available and how they can apply.”

“Welfare.” In the past, the very word has conjured up negative images of people standing in long lines to get food stamps as well as “stories” of those who were unwilling to work hard to support their families trying to get a “free ride.”

But this year, due to the economic downturn, many people who have never sought help and those who have been off the “system” for years, are being forced to apply for food, medical and financial benefits.

Revenue growth likely to be restrained

When the fiscal year ends next June 30, the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District will see expenditures have exceeded revenues by about $722,252, according to an updated five-year forecast presented last month to the school board.

Oregon is considering `soft billing’ patients’ insurance providers for rescue squad transports to the hospital.

Administrator Ken Filipiak said it would help fund rising costs in the fire department. It will be discussed further at a safety committee meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m.

“It is an interesting issue that I think the public should be informed about,” said Councilman Clint Wasserman, chairman of the safety committee.

Results from a survey on the Oregon City Schools Web site showed that the public wants more up to date information on the schools.

Over 220 people completed the survey that provided ideas, feedback and comments on how the Web site could be improved.

Most respondents access the Web site on a daily or weekly basis, according to Jeff Ziviski, vice-president of the school board.

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