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Willie and Candy B. and their two children came to Toledo to seek refuge from the mean streets of Detroit. Willie was a convicted criminal, Candy a former drug abuser.

Willie, who spent 12 years of his life in the Michigan prison system, and Connie felt they had enough bad history in Detroit and needed to start life over in a different city. They decided to find a new home in Toledo.

Willie stayed at an emergency shelter, but soon after the couple applied to Family Outreach Community United Services (FOCUS) — a faith based agency with a goal of embracing people in need and bringing a voice to the homeless.

The Ottawa County Health Department has announced the clinic schedule for the week of Sept. 15-19. Unless otherwise noted, all clinics are held at the health department offices, located at 1856 E. Perry St., Port Clinton. Appointments may be made by calling 419-734-6800 or toll-free in Ottawa County at 1-800-788-8803.   

As popular as Oregon’s German-American Festival has been, GAF Society Chairman Timothy Pecsenye stresses his organization faces the same challenges as any other non-profit organization.

The GAF started in 1966, was incorporated in January 1967 by seven ethnic societies, and later purchased Oak Shade Grove for its German-Swiss Cultural Center. The festival helps pay for maintenance of Oak Shade Grove and its “Germanic-style” clubhouse, but each society continues its own fundraising events.

Jayna Kubuske’s father, Jim, was a high school football coach when Jayna was growing up.

The Kubuske family always had Friday nights in the fall marked on its calendar to watch the high school bands and see what kind of team Jim, the former head coach at Lake High School, would put on the field.

A graduation guarantee policy for Clay High School students is under review by the Oregon City Schools District.

The proposal would guarantee that all Oregon students who graduate and who have passed the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) with or without allowable accommodations, are capable of meeting Ohio academic standards as measured by the OGT in reading, writing, math, science and social studies.

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