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Most of Ohio may be suffering from economic decline, but a Wood County commissioner lauded recent successes of his economic development commission to a locally-based civic organization Thursday morning.

James F. Carter, president of Wood County’s board of commissioners, made an appearance at the Oregon-Northwood Rotary Club’s weekly breakfast at Cousino’s Steak House on Woodville Road, and talked about successes that the Wood County Economic Development Commission and its director, Tom Blaha, have had within recent years.

The third and final meeting of Woodville Village Council to discuss a sewer separation project drew about 25 residents eager to express their views.

The biggest point of contention was the language that granted a rebate of $6 to residents in the Tanglewood Apartment Complex, customers located in either Woodpointe or Endeavour’s Landing Subdivisions, the Rospert Condominiums, or located along Brookside Drive or Grande Avenue, and any new sewer customers which are located in a newly developed area served by separate sanitary and storm sewers.

Tuition for four college freshman: $75,000

Four laptop computers: $4,000

Four sets of dorm room necessities: $2,000

Leaving home for the first time: priceless

They are Oregon ’s sweethearts. The area’s little girls we’ve all had the pleasure to watch grow up. And now jeweler Alan Miller’s famous quadruplets are 18 and ready to try it on their own by heading off to college.

Genoa High School graduate Brittany Darling may be an up-and-coming college basketball star, but she’s also Generation Y, or part of the MySpace generation. At least, one local ice cream restaurant chain believes so.

The Cold Stone Creamery at Crossroads Parkway in Rossford has chosen Darling to represent the store in the nationwide iMix America contest. 

Known as Generation Y, or the MySpace generation, young adults, such as Darling, in this group between the ages of 15- and 24-years-old spend 242 minutes on average per month on MySpace alone. The ice cream chain is increasing efforts to market to that generation.

Northwood City Council is reviewing a proposal to conduct a $30,000 marketing analysis, which would be used as a tool to promote economic development.

The study, by Pitney Bowes, would help determine how the right retail mix would benefit the community, why it matters, and how the “mom and pops” would fit into the picture.

“They would do a field study, assess major shopping concentrations, and define trade areas,” said Administrator Pat Bacon.