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The Oregon school board will meet on Tuesday to consider a general fund reduction plan proposed by Superintendent Dr. Mike Zalar that will include significant cuts in certified and classified positions.
The district faces a $1.9 million deficit at the end of the 2009-10 fiscal year. That figure jumps to $7 million the following fiscal year, and $23.4 million in 2012-13.
In the last three years, the district has reduced expenses by approximately $3.5 million. Last year, voters passed a 5.9 mill operating levy.
“The board of education must make some difficult decisions regarding next year’s operating budget,” said Zalar. “Schools are a people business and, like every other school district, 80-85 percent of our operating costs are used to compensate our employees through salaries and benefits. Therefore, the majority of the recommended reductions will directly impact district personnel. I will be recommending that a significant number of certified and classified employees be reduced and that our administrative costs are in line with other high performing low cost districts. This is the only way to regain control of our operating budget that will allow us to change the trajectory of our five-year forecast.”

Officials from communities in Wood, Lucas, and Ottawa counties have been invited to a meeting later this month to address flooding and drainage problems that have afflicted the area after rain storms.

The City of Northwood has extended invitations to what it is calling a Water Drainage Summit April 28 at the city council chambers.

For Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton, this weekend was one for starting yet another report.
Like other members of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff Bratton is preparing a compilation of his department’s operations, including its responsibilities in the event of a security problem at the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station.
Behind the facts and figures of his report will be a passion Sheriff Bratton has for an issue that’s been weighing on his mind for the better part of a year – the state’s deteriorating financial situation and its impact on local law enforcement.

Oregon Mayor Marge Brown and some members of city council last Monday said they were against a proposal to expand the TARTA bus system for all of Lucas County that would be funded by a sales tax instead of the current property tax,

A study from a consultant hired by TARTA recommended in February that a half-cent sales tax would provide service expansion and financial stability to Lucas County, including Oregon.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is considering exempting Lake Erie projects from the requirement for mandatory public hearings.

The rule is one of three water quality rules drafted by the Ohio EPA that protect lakes, rivers, streams and other surface water bodies from pollution.

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