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        Oregon City Council recently approved a request for a Special Use permit in an A-1 Agricultural zoned district at 6733 Seaman Road for the purpose of operating a kennel with seven dogs.

        The applicants/owners are Walter and Yvonne DuPont. A kennel is generally not a permitted use in an agricultural district.

        In 2001, the city passed an ordinance that permitted only three dogs per household after there were constant complaints from neighbors about noise and odor of households in the city with multiple dogs.

        The city grandfathered in multiple dog households that went beyond the three dog limit at the time the ordinance was passed. If someone has more than three dogs and wishes to have them housed in the city legally, the only avenue is to apply for a kennel permit.

        The Project Review Committee had no objections to the proposed kennel because it is located in an A-1 Agricultural zoned district.


One year renewal

        James Gilmore, commissioner of building and zoning, said the Planning Commission recommended approval of the SUE request at a Nov. 20 meeting.

        “They gave approval, but want to revisit it in a year,” said Gilmore. “They also wanted a maintenance plan for the yard waste. Once all of the dogs, except for one, die, they will not be replaced.”

        Bill Mata, who said he lived next door to the DuPonts said the odor from the yard was strong after he returned from a 17 day vacation over the Christmas holiday.

        “Not at any time was anything picked up out there. My wife and I were out cleaning up our yard, and the stench was so bad, we couldn’t stand it. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want to see anyone lose their dogs. But I don’t want to live in my house as a prisoner. I don’t know what it’s going to be like in the summer when I’m in my pool.”

        Mayor Mike Seferian, who is on the Planning Commission, said he told the DuPonts “it was key they maintained the integrity of the agreement, which was to clean up the dog messes. From what I’m told, the dogs are in a caged in area which is fairly small. I really want to see this work. But when you have a problem like this, it’s very difficult to pass.”

        Walter DuPont disputed the allegation he was not cleaning up after the dogs.

        “I don’t know where he is getting his information. If he’s been on vacation for 17 days, I don’t know how he can say we haven’t done the job. We do it at least twice per week. The grandkids have also offered to go out and take care of the situation because they don’t want to lose the dogs, either. So it has been taken care of,” said DuPont.


Regular inspections

        “One of our objectives is we don’t want to start or fuel any neighborhood feuds or disputes,” said Seferian. “If we did pass this, would you have an objection to city inspectors coming in and making regular inspections for a while to see to it that the neighbor’s concerns are heard?”

        “We have no problem at all,” said DuPont. “Anyone can come out at anytime and look.”

        “If we chose to go forward with this, and the inspectors come to us with bad reports during that one year period, we could withdraw that permit,” said Seferian.

        “I understand,” said DuPont.

        “I would like to see this go through for you. But you really have to keep your obligation,” said Seferian.

        The DuPonts have three Shih Tzu’s, three Toy Poodles and an Alaskan Malamute. Two of the dogs are puppies.

        Councilwoman Kathleen Pollauf asked if the dogs live in the yard.

        “They’re housedogs, aren’t they?” she asked.

        “Yes, they’re in the house all the time,” said DuPont.

        “Is your yard fenced in?” she asked.

        “Yes, it is,” said DuPont.

        Lee Michalski, owner of FiFi Chere grooming salon on Tremainsville Road, said she grooms the DuPont’s dogs every four weeks.

        “I find it hard to believe that they show up every four weeks with all those dogs to my shop and they would not go in their backyard and clean up. They make every effort to drive 40 minutes to my shop with all those dogs. If that yard is in that big of disarray, those dogs would be a mess. But they are not. Those dogs are clean. They are up to date on their vaccines. I see every reason for them to be able to keep these dogs.”

        Council voted in favor of the Special Use Exception in an A-1 Agricultural Zoned District for the operation of the kennel with the condition that the DuPonts will allow the zoning department to conduct maintenance inspections of the yard to ensure the yard waste is being properly maintained.

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